Doing without Concepts. Edouard Machery. Abstract. Over recent years, the psychology of concepts has been rejuvenated by new work on prototypes, inventive. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 1 Thanks to Ted Sider and Ross Cameron for helpful comments and discussion. Doing Without Concepts. By Edouard Machery . Edouard Machery. Doing without Concepts. Oxford: Oxford University Press . pages. $ (cloth ISBN –0–19––0). The title is apt to.

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Doing without Concepts

The Heterogeneity Hypothesis 1. The Theory Paradigm witjout Concepts 5. Academic Skip to main content. Hutto University of Wollongong. But our empirical knowledge about concepts has yet to be organized in a coherent framework. Request removal from index.

The book shows that the class of The eight chapter makes his eliminativist argument:. Against Hybrid Theories of Concepts.

Search my Subject Specializations: To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider. Concepts in Philosophy versus Concepts in Psychology 3. Hybrid Theories of Concepts Chapter 4. Bibliographic Information Print publication date: Replies to My Critics. Concepts in psychology and philosophy After reviewing the psychological literature on concepts, Machery proposes that by “concept” psychologists usually mean something like this: Hugo Mercier – – Biology and Philosophy 25 2: Edouard MacheryPh.

One Hundred Years of Psychology of Concepts: This is a piece of the hard problem of “intentionality” that Brentano brought to modern attention, a problem that, as these things go, has standardly fallen to philosophy to discuss.


Rather than inviting us to abandon the notion of concept, perhaps this variability is simply a conepts to abandon an epistemic conception of it.


Certainly, much of the psychological work he reviews explicitly addresses the nature of “concepts”. Studying Dolng and Concept Learning 3. Doing without Concepts Edouard Machery.

Added to PP index Total downloads 58of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 5of 2, How can I increase my downloads? The Classical Theory of concepts 2. Machery’s devastating assault has major implications for philosophy and psychology-it rattles forcefully at the foundations of these fields, and dashes the hopes of those who think we’ll ever find a unified theory of thought.

A concept of x is a body of knowledge about x that is stored in long-term memory and that is used by default in the concepte underlying most, if not all, higher cognitive competencies when these processes result in judgments about x. Abath – – Philosophical Quarterly 61 The Foundationalist Account Chapter 3. Request removal from index. Cognitivism in Psychology in Philosophy of Cognitive Science. Two Kinds of Concept: Moreover, we seem to possess distinct processes for learning these kinds of concepts, and also distinct processes for categorizing.

The work Machery reviews consists of abundant experiments from the last forty years on various topics, including: If he’s right, and I suspect that he is, then both philosophers and psychologists who write about concepts will have to do some quite fundamental rethinking.

André J. Abath, Doing without Concepts – Edouard Machery – PhilPapers

Two Kinds of Concept: Machery would probably reply that I’m merely pressing here the philosophical notion of concept, which is concerned with the individuation of propositional macher pp.


In order to claim that concepts don’t exist, doesn’t Dithout need the concepts of “concept” and “exist”? Alternative Characterizations of the Notion of Concept Chapter 2. Keeping this notion would slow down, and maybe prevent, the development of a more adequate classification and would overshadow the theoretical and empirical issues that are raised by iwthout more adequate classification. It’s not that Machery should have endorsed externalist strategies; my point is simply that he should have discussed them, particularly before giving up on the concept of concept entirely.

Glymour – – Mind Prototypes, exemplars, and theories Since the death of the classical view of concepts, three paradigms about concepts have emerged in psychology: They belong to very heterogeneous kinds of concept. Theoretical Notions and Macherg Operationalization. Two Inconclusive Arguments against the Notion of Concept 2. In brief, concepts are not a natural kind.

Review of Machery, ‘Doing Without Concepts’. The Prototype Paradigm of Concepts 3. Sign in Create an account.