Dark Elves and how to model Lustrian terrain in Lustria – Cities of Gold on pages 12– haunted Bluttraum Manor in this ‘Mordheim Quest’ scenario. Here you will find a listing and links to Supplements of Official Mordheim Material, . From the mind of Steve Cornette and the rest of the Lustria – Cities of Gold. Now, since I haven’t played Mordheim in years, I had forgotten most OK, my favorite WFB novel is The Burning Shore (mercenaries in Lustria.

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Discussion in ‘ Battle Reports ‘ started by WardenAug 28, Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Don’t have enough monsters? Or just want to show off your painting skills.

Why not try entering the Monster Mash! Cookies Monster Mash – Painting Contest. New World lusrtia Gold: Mordheim Test Game Played a quick test game with my wife today, using some simplified Mordheim rules and lots of my newly constructed jungle terrain. WardenAug 28, The game was very simple to prepare for, I used all the jungle terrain I could fit onto the table.

The centerpiece was the burial mound I have been working on for the last month, plus the jungle plaza and road pieces.

Mordheim and Lizardmen by dr. Phil

I put the main buildings around the edges and fit the jungle luustria and plants wherever they could go to make the board nice and congested. Since this was the first game of Mordheim I have ever played and the first Warhammer exposure my wife has ever gotten we kept it nice and simple.

Each warband was identical in construction, using the Bretonnian Warband rules. I figured using humans on our first Mordheim match would make it simpler, plus we wouldn’t need to take the obligatory skink priest and need mordheeim figure out how magic worked.

I glossed over most of the crazier games rules for my wife, and in interest of time. The game was crazy enough without a ton of random encounters or hazards laying over the board, or surprises each turn. If we get used to the game more we might include these lusfria, especially if I ever wind up doing an actual campaign.


Broheim | Warbands

We put out seven tokens on the board token 4 was the treasure chest. Token 2 was inside the arch in the lower right-hand corner of the map, and token 5 was inside the pyramid house. The primary objective was to grab more tokens than the other player, the odd number ensured there were no ties! Deployment zones were on opposite sides of the narrow-sides of the board. I rolled to deploy first, and took lusgria side oustria to the pyramid house and the other building red zonewith my wife taking the opposite side white zone.

Immediately starting the game I grabbed token 2, and ran out into the center of the board with my Knight Errant and a men-at-arms backup group and grabbed token 3. My wife took a similar aggressive strategy and positioned her troops to grab token 4 on top of the pyramid and fall back.

She also placed her archers on top of the pavilion to prevent me to getting to token 1, so I counted that one as a loss. I was not expecting her to grab token 6 so fast, and I was only able to grab 7 with my questing knight before she also fell back to her deployment zone. During this whole time we continued to exchange arrow volleys across the center of the board, her from the pavilion and me from the building and wood bridge next to the pyramid house. One of my squires hiding from enemy fire and trying to snipe the Templars: My wife’s archers in the pavilion, one having just been knocked down: In the end the game came down to the final brawl inside the pyramid house.

I had four tokens and she had three, but her soldiers had the exit from the inside of the pyramid covered. My knight errant and his men-at-arms bodyguard charged her troops in order to break out of the pyramid but the attack grounded out into a war of attrition. I was able to stop her reinforcements from coming into the pyramid with my questing knight, but not before she killed one of my treasure-token carriers and stole one of my wyrdstone!


I had positioned my archers on the top of the pyramid early in the nordheim so that I had the high ground in mordneim center of the board for good fields of fire.

Though I tried for the last three turns to shoot down her running away questing knight he had two treasure tokens on him that he was attempting to carry off but his armor and the soft terrain bonuses kept him alive. HeirofCarnageArawn and n like this. The game was a lot of fun, more so than expected.

The whole thing lasted maybe an hour from start to finish, including most of the rules-explaining part at the start. Initially my wife was wary of the huge amount of nerdiness approaching her as I challenged her to a battle, but her competitive spirit took over once we started and she figured out what she had to do. More pictures My soldiers rush into the pyramid while a squire tries to get his bow into a better vantage point: Some great lustrka shots: Army campsite next to the ruins: Another great atmospheric shot of the table: Looks like a great game, interesting to see that you had almost identical warbands!

Mordheim and Lizardmen by dr. Phil | Lustria Online

WardenNov 19, Warden and n like this. WardenNov 22, Are there rules for Lizardmen warbands?

I don’t remember ever seeing any. BeardyGecko morheim, Nov 23, WardenNov 23, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now.

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