Mobile First [Luke Wroblewski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Our industry’s long wait for the complete, strategic guide to mobile web. Mobile First has ratings and reviews. Stringy said: As noted in the introduction, this isn’t a book with code examples to work from (see Ethan. Luke Wroblewski is a data guy, so let’s check the stats. He has personally written 1, articles, given presentations, and authored three books on mobile.

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His message was so important to me and to my work, that it actually caused me to overhaul a major mobile project I was working on. I came out of this book with a new mental model and one good idea. Testimonials “By coupling insightful design patterns to common-sense principles, Luke’s Mobile First is the beginning of a quiet revolution, its title the rallying cry that should be on the lips of every web designer.

I get used to the photoshop and absolutely love the tool. A Book Apart 6.

Luke Wroblewski on Designing for Mobile First

Open Preview See a Problem? A Book Apart 1 – 10 of 28 books. In Part 1 Why Mobile First? Luke Wrobewski presents a strong argument for designing for mobile devices first, as opposed to simply resizing a traditional website to fit mobile devices’ smaller screens.


I received Mobile First on Thursday and read it in one sitting. For these reasons I likely approached the book from a different perspective than many other readers. It’s still a valuable read all these years later.

The book tries to show you the issues you will face while developing mobile web sites and even mobile applications. These new mobile web users will demand excellent mobile websites and the demand will quickly become more important than a desktop website. Refurbished Mobile Phones Wholesale. The book promises no code and to keep things short; it delivers on both promises. For these teams, mobile if it even happened was a barebones port of the desktop version.

The clearest example of this idea is touch.

Short bursts of activity, qroblewski throughout the day. There simply isn’t room in a by pixel screen for extraneous, unnecessary elements. I rated the book as if I hadn’t yet been familiar with LukeW’s work – because I would have otherwise unfairly rated it lower.

Wroblewski is adept at presenting a balanced. However, if you’re doing a mobile app, you need to think of everyone, and pick your target devices. The book itself is easy to read, not too long and is not a technical book there are zero code lines in it.

After a couple chapters citing off kobile and defining the difference between the desktop and mobile, the rest of the book is a consideration of content organization, best practices, and layout. A good overview book about why you should take Mobile into the first stages of your design process. Which keeps everything clean and focused from the outset. The author provides more than just an argument for why you should approach design mobile first – he also offers concrete ways for measurably improving the user experience.


LukeW | Notes on Mobile First!

You should note that the book is from I hope that A Book Apart commissions a second edition, because the first edition is pushing close to 10 years old, and a lot has changed in the last 10 lukf.

Startups are equally keen. Notes on Mobile First! Over time, designing for the desktop web first will become a backwards way of doing things.

Jan 29, Graham Herrli rated it liked it Shelves: An excellent overview with enough meat to be inspiring without getting bogged down in minutia. May 12, Wroblewskj rated it liked it.