Theorie des Geldes und der Umlaufsmittel [Ludwig von Mises] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Here is the first edition, , of Mises’s. Theorie Des Geldes Und Der Umlaufsmittel [Ludwig Von; Von Mises, Ludwig Mises] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. 8. Sept. Mises, Ludwig von – Theorie des Geldes und der Umlaufsmittel (, S., Scan).

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Just for the record, Keynes’s contribution to probability theory is not based upon the works of German logicians. Michael Emmett Thoerie for reference I am always impressed by the scholarly credentials of the English and Scottish upper class of the 19th century and early 20th century.

Not only Keynes but also other members of the Liberal Party could speak several languages fluently and read foreign works in the original form. In Canada of the time, one governor spoke to another in Latin and received a response in Greek. All in all, the British upper class of the time were the most erudite upper class of any upper class seen in any other time.

The political elites of today’s Commonwealth countries umlaufsmitel don’t compare in erudition. Where exactly is the discussion of Mises’s ideas? Here, Keynes has simply listed the section titles. Where is the analysis of “here is what Mises thinks about X From Keynes’s review, you’d think that Mises was merely unsatisfied with prevailing theories of the value of money.

Doesn’t Mises cover a credit theory of the business cycle near the end? Where is the analysis of that? It may well have been the case that an English ToMC would be easier for him to understand.


Ludwig von Mises (Littérature secondaire)

Why would he go into such detail in a short review? Also, I am not sure whether the original edition had a business cycle theory in it. Prateek Mar 12, Even things like Latin verse composition.

Mathematics was also a major part. A Realist Alternative to the Modern Left. Don Boudreaux makes the following charges: But it is critical rather than constructive, dialectical and not original. The author avoids all the usual pitfalls, but he avoids them by dfs them out and turning back rather than by surmounting them. Mises strikes an outside reader as being the very highly educated pupil of a school, once of great eminence, but now losing its vitality.

One closes the book, therefore, with a feeling kmlaufsmittel disappointment that an author so intelligent, so candid, and so widely read should, after all, help one so little to a clear and constructive understanding of the fundamentals of his subject. When this much has been said, the book is not to be denied considerable merits.

Ludwig von Mises (Littérature secondaire) — Wikiberal

Its lucid common sense has the quality, to be found so much more often in Austrian than in German authors, of the best ,udwig writing. The field covered is wide. Perhaps the third book is, on the whole, the best. The treatment throughout is primarily theoretical, and quite without striving after actualite.

Keynes did not engage in some savage attack on the book, nor did he dismiss it at all: With the exception of the section on the value of money, where Dr. There is also the question of this statement of Keynes published in in A Treatise on Money: Yet what Keynes already knew in German was not insignificant: Keynes had two German governesses in the s, who, according to Skidelsky I suspect there is some degree of self-deprecation in the remark above too, a quite British trait.


AroundKeynes had his father send him books in German relevant to probability, and he himself ludwlg in a candid private letter to his father that his reading speed for English, French and German bore a ratio of 1: Keynes was, then, far from fluent in German.

But a man who may have read something like 3, pages of German was hardly incompetent in German either. That should not have been so difficult for a man who had poured through 3, pages of German writings on mathematics and probability.

Theorie des geldes und der Umlaufsmittel | Mises Institute

A Treatise on Probability 1st edn. A Treatise on Money vol. Hopes Betrayed — vol. Posted by LK at 6: KeynesMisesTheory of Money and Credit.

Mises, Ludwig von – Theorie des Geldes und der Umlaufsmittel (1912)

Blue Aurora March 12, at 9: Prateek March 12, at Lord Keynes March 12, at 3: Lord Keynes March 12, at 4: Newer Post Older Post Home. A History and Critiq Michael Hudson on Latvia Lithuania: Ireland Returns to Recession: The Failure of Auste Kises Fail from William L.

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