In these tutorials you’ll learn how to develop portlet projects to top your Liferay pizza in such a way that the end-user won’t be able to tell the difference between . Developing Your First Portlet For example, features like platform-generated URLs exist to support Liferay’s ability to serve multiple applications on the same. In short, Liferay was written by developers for developers, to help you get The most common way to develop web applications for Liferay Portal is with portlets.

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The New Portlet Wizard guides you in creating a custom portlet class.

These applications run on a platform that provides application developers the building blocks they need to make applications. Creating a new web service for an external system, a mobile app, an IoT device, or anything else. A portlet project is made up of at least three components: With that said, you can use a variety of technologies to develop portlets that run on Liferay Portal.


Writing Your First Liferay Portal Application

What a perfect model for a web application! Each portlet phase executes different operations: Portlets handle requests in multiple phases.

What are the fundamentals that every Liferay developer should know? This lets a portlet serve dynamic content without running the Render phase on all portlets on a page.


This folder is your new portlet project. Liferay Portal ships with suites of applications to get you started building your site quickly. Using external artifacts in your project requires configuring their dependencies.

Portlets created in Liferay Module Projects are generated as Components. There can be some confusion over exactly what kind of Portlet. Our portlet needs two execution phases, the action phase and the render phase.

Beginning Liferay Development – Liferay – Liferay Developer Network

To specify that property in your component, use this syntax in your property list: To add an application to a page, click the Add button in the upper right hand corner it looks like a plus signand then select Applications. Modules are the core building blocks of Liferay Portal devvelopment.

The Action phase can also trigger events that are processed by the Event phase.

Liferay MVC Command Classes In a larger application, your -Portlet class can become monstrous and unwieldy if it holds all of the controller logic. These modules are OSGi modules.


To add a message, you click the Add Entry button to show a form that lets you enter and save a message. Your browser does not support the video tag. The view layer contains logic for displaying data. If you want to launch the New Portlet Wizard after your project is created, select the checkbox of that name.


Fill in the Project name and Display name. Fundamentals What are the fundamentals that every Liferay developer should know?

To specify that property in your component, use this syntax in your property list:. Developing Your First Portlet Step 1 of 8. InJava Portlet Specification 1. Leveraging a Suite of Products, Frameworks and Libraries Liferay Portal offers you a complete platform for building web apps, mobile apps, and web services quickly, using features and frameworks designed for rapid development, good performance, and ease of use.

Writing Your First Liferay Portal Application – Liferay – Liferay Developer Network

With all your free time, you could. In this wizard, make sure you use the default database Hypersonic. The application might be complex: Sometimes, however, you may find it necessary to customize a built-in feature.

The portlet can be on a page that contains other portlets.