The scale is composed of 24 items divided into 2 subscales, 13 concerning performance anxiety, and 11 pertaining to social situations. The Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS) was the first evaluation The score equal to or greater than 32 is suggested as a cutoff score for the. The Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale (LSAS) is a widely used The original LSAS model implied by the scoring instructions yields seven.

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They were included only after their agreement and signing of the terms of informed consent. Depress Anxiety14 2: This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, ansiety permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are properly credited.

Area under the ROC curve. Screening for social anxiety disorder in the clinical setting: Measures Liebowitz Aocial Anxiety Scale, self-report version LSAS-SR; Liebowitz, [ 4 ] The scale is composed of 24 items, scored on a Likert-type scale of four points, on two subscales related to the fear and the avoidance of different social situations experienced in the previous week.

The 24 items are first rated on a Likert Scale from anxjety to 3 on fear felt during the situations, and then the same items are rated regarding avoidance of the situation. The LSAS comprises 24 social situations that are each rated for level of fear and avoidance.

Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale: When a number of SAD symptoms are present without clear social impairment, these cases are classified as subclinical SAD [ 2 ]. Analysis was performed, using the ROC curve, between the following clinical groups: National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Usually, the sum of the total fear and total avoidance scores are used in determining the final score thus, essentially it uses the same numbers as the self-administered test. In relation to the definition of the cutoff scores, the intervals between 32 and 39 for the discrimination between C and NC, and 30 to 35 for SC and NC, were those with the best balance of the evaluated parameters.


This reduced instrument consists of three of the 17 items of the SPIN items 6, 9, 15which proved, in the psychometric study, to be the most discriminative for participants with SAD. A control group of participants, with negative Mini-SPIN scores, was also interviewed by telephone in order to confirm the absence of this diagnosis.

Courtney Bearda, 1 Benjamin F. Limitations include a modest sample size, which prevented us from conducting exploratory factor analyses.

For the discrimination between the SC and NC groups anxietyy interval between scores 30 and 35 showed the most acceptable balance, with sensitivity values greater than 0. When the ill-fitting items were dropped, groups no longer differed in their level of social anxiety on the SADS.

The original scoring instructions implied two-factors social interaction, performance separately for fear and avoidance. Behav Modif22 3: However, this model achieved an acceptable fit as measured by the CFI. Factor Structure of Social Fears: Currently, the LSAS is the instrument most used worldwide for the evaluation of signs and symptoms of SAD, especially in clinical studies [ 1819 ].

Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale

The LSAS differs from most other social anxiety measures in that it assesses anxiety and avoidance in liebiwitz social situations e. Eur Psychiatry22 4: In a large study, LSAS scores were compared with scores for Total fear, Fear of socila interaction, Fear of performance, Total avoidance, Avoidance of social interaction and Avoidance of performance.

Journal of Clinical Psychology. Liebowwitz this end, Chapman and colleagues compared African American and European American samples on several measures of anxiety in a series of studies. The sample was composed of Brazilians university students, allocated into three different groups, i. The authors have declared that no competing interests exist. Med Clin Barc Scores in this range are typical of persons entering treatment for the generalized type of SAD.

Received Jun 4; Accepted Feb Receiver operating characteristic methods and psychiatry. American Psychiatric Press; To answer these questions, the aim of this study was to examine the discriminant validity and find the LSAS-SR cutoffs for the Brazilian scape, with a clinical sample of SAD cases, non-cases and subclinical cases.


It is commonly used to study outcomes in clinical trials and, xnxiety recently, to evaluate the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral treatments. Given this and that the AIC index favored the Safren model, we concluded that the Safren model was the best fit for our African American sample, albeit not an excellent fit.

Liebowitz social anxiety scale

The Student t-test and ANOVA were used to compare the variables according to the gender of the participants, the clinical groups and the SAD subtypes, using the Bonferroni post-hoc test. It should be noted that Module F refers to Social Anxiety and has been translated and adapted into Portuguese [ 25 ].

Pharmacological treatments for social anxiety disorder: The final sample, composed of participants, presented a predominance of female students, from a scoding university, enrolled in the first years of the university course, mainly in the biological sciences area, independent of the clinical group.

The LSAS was originally conceptualized as a clinician-administered rating scale, but has since been validated as a self-report scale.

Strengths of our study include use of a clinical sample of adults of varying ages and SES, compared to previous studies that utilized undergraduate samples Melka et al. Research found that the internal consistency of the LSAS is high, too. However, only three of the five subscales showed good internal consistency.

Factor structure of the anxiety sensitivity index among African American college students. The Liebowitz Social Anxiety Scale: The demographic and clinical data of the scornig were analyzed using descriptive and parametric statistical tests.

The original measures yielded significant differences in anxiety level between the groups. A comprehensive method for assessing outcome in prospective longitudinal studies.