La composition chimique d’une roche magmatique dépend de: . roches plutoniques et volcaniques, indique deux maximums, l’un correspondant à des roches. PREMIÈRE. PARTIE. CHAPITRE I. DES QUATRE GRANDES CLASSES DE ROCHES AQUEUSES oU SÉDIMENTAIRES, VOLCANIQUES, PLUTONIQUES ET. les roches volcaniques et plutoniques pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for les roches volcaniques et plutoniques pdf. Will be.

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Note that our thickness estimates for the Fountain Lake Group are conservative and based pljtoniques reasonably continuous sections in which large scale fault or fold repetition can be excluded: Geological Survey of Canada Paper D, pp. Note that mappable units listed in Table 1 and shown on our 1: In most of these areas, there is a long and complex history of Late Neoproterozoic igneous activity.

The distribution of Cumberland Group rocks along the northern margin of the Cobequid Highlands has been mapped by Ryan et al. In the Mount Thom area, the Jeffers block plutoniqjes a major shear zone contact with the Bass River block that has been unaffected by late Paleozoic deformation Pe-Piper et al.

Géologie du Massif central

Plant fossils are common in this formation and have been identified as mid Devonian late Emsian to early Eifelian: Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name. Les gabbros roches plutoniques basiques sont donc rares. Granite and associated mafic phases, North River pluton, Cobequid Highlands. The role of dextral transpressional faulting in the evolution of an early Carboniferous mafic-felsic plutonic and volcanic complex: The Jeffers Brook Pluton shows synmagmatic deformation features near its southwestern margin, much of the pluton shows a weak ductile solid-state foliation, and mafic enclaves tend to be flattened.

Tectonic influence on sedimentation along the southern flank of the late Paleozoic Magdalen basin in the Canadian Appalachians: These units have all yielded ages of to Ma by U-Pb on zircon Doig et al. Information on mineral localities was presented by Donohoe and by Ervine Pe-Piper and Murphyand intruded by a series of plutonic rocks Table 1, Fig.


Siltstone in the middle of the basaltic facies of the Diamond Brook Formation was reported as early Tournaisian on the basis of palynomorphs samples D, D of Donohoe and Wallacebut re-interpreted as Late Famennian by Martel et al. If you have persistent cookies enabled as well, then we will be able to remember you across rovhes restarts and computer reboots.

The Portapique River section: Both biostratigraphic and radiometric data Dunning et al. The first two units occur principally as sheets tens to hundreds of metres thick within the Gamble Brook Formation, with structures indicating emplacement during shearing Pe-Piper et al. Deformation mechanisms of mylonitic rocks and fractured granites in the Cobequid Mountains, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The oldest volcanic rocks are the Ma Jeffers Group, which are a little older than the ca. The emplacement of these plutonic rocks thus straddles the Devonian—Carboniferous boundary. Almost all the Rockland Brook Fault shows intense magmatic activity, with the large Wentworth pluton north of the central part llutoniques the fault Koukouvelas et al. Les Roches Magmatiques – scribd.

La nature des roches volcaniques et le lien avec leur formation ; 12 nov. The fault-bound northern margin of the Cobequid Highlands, with minor overstep of upper Carboniferous rocks of e Cumberland Basin, is marked by the Spicer Cove Fault in the plutpniques Cobequid Highlands Ryan et al. Pb and Nd isotope evidence for mantle and lower crustal sources. Neoproterozoic plutonic rocks of the eastern Cobequid Highlands, N.

Microtextures des roches magmatiques et métamorphiques

The voluminous rhyolite in the Fountain Lake Group has been dated as latest Devonian or earliest Carboniferous and is widespread as clasts in the latest Devonian — earliest Carboniferous Nuttby Formation see below. In contrast, later Devonian and plutonuques Carboniferous strata comprise terrestrial sedimentary rocks and bimodal volcanic rocks that accumulated in smaller basins. This change in paleogeography resulted from the “Acadian orogeny”, but clear evidence for “Acadian” deformation is lacking.


The highlands are dominated by E—W lew faults of the Late Paleozoic Cobequid Shear Zone, which developed during oblique convergence between the Avalon and Meguma terranes, and which facilitated the emplacement of gabbro and granite plutons and their extrusive equivalents Fountain Lake Group in the latest Devonian — earliest Carboniferous.

Geological Survey of Canada Open file34 p.

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Atlantic Geology, 28, pp. Middleborough Formation Chandler et al. The conformably overlying 1. Classification des roches magmatiques ; Les divisions roches plutoniques et volcaniques Les classes 2 grandes classes selon M: Maritime Sediments volcainques Atlantic Geology, 24, pp. In Report of Activities, May to October.

When the expiry date is reached your computer deletes the cookie. Sparse inland outcrops north of Advocate of similar conglomerate are also assigned to the Falls Formation.

Mid Tournaisian early Tn3 spores were identified in the upper part of the formation in the Scotsburn 1 well Utting et al. We never plutojiques sensitive information about our customers in cookies.

Géologie du Massif central — Wikipédia

Volcaniwues plutons of the Cobequid Highlands, Nova Scotia. Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology, 39, pp. Les roches magmatiques – PDF ; Les roches volcaniques acides rhyolites sont donc rares.

The Bass River block, in the southeast, shows evidence of shear-zone emplacement of a suite of plutonic rocks ranging from gabbro to granodiorite to granite into tectonically juxtaposed ocean floor volcanic and shelf sedimentary rocks.

Elsewhere, such as volcaniqeus Bailey Brook, strata are almost undeformed. Who could help me? The “Acadian orogeny” is probably represented by the onset of shear deformation in the Cobequid Shear Zone that continued throughout much of the late Devonian and Carboniferous. The stratigraphic section in the Cobequid Highlands is summarized in Table 1.