A brief look at the Leica DM – microscope series reveals why Leica Microsystems is a first choice provider of microscopes and scientific instruments. This Leica DM microscope was a demonstration microscope that was used for a conference. The stand is the only used part of this microscope. All of the. The Leica DM microscope for pathology, cytology, and haematology features a motorized nosepiece, condenser head, automated light intensity adjustment.

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Unitron Metallograph Microscopes Forensic Microscopes.

Leica DM & DM LED – Downloads: Leica Microsystems

Labomed Stereomicroscopes Surgical Microscopes. Motic Stereomicroscopes Digital Microscopes. Prelude Light Source Illumination. Schott Illumination Volpi Illumination. Media Cybernetics Imaging Software. Meyer Instruments Imaging Software. The Leica DM microscope for leixa, cytology, and haematology features a motorized nosepiece, condenser head, automated light intensity adjustment, and optional foot pedal.


Leica DM | German Healthcare Export Group e.V.

This intuitive microscope improves cytology and pathology workflows. The motorized condenser head knows the correct position for each magnification. Objective Change at the Touch leicw a Button The automated objective turret changes objectives in only half a second.

The objectives can be individually selected using the control buttons ergonomically positioned behind the focus knobs. An optional foot switch reduces manual effort. The remaining four objectives dm000 still available whenever other magnifications are required. For special requirements, the user also has the possibility of individual programming of the control buttons.

Leica DM3000

Intelligent Condenser The motorized condenser knows the optimal position for each magnification: The intelligent instrument automatically stores any previously-used light value for each magnification. As the brightness impression for the user leicz constant, the DM also prevents eyestrain from major changes in light intensity.

Customized Ergonomy The Leica DM can be configured to dj3000 your physical requirements using a variety of observation tubes and ergonomic modules. The unique height adjustable focus knobs Patented: DE 40 and easy to change stage controls are examples of how you can customize your DM Whatever the demanding application in your laboratory environment, the Fm3000 can be configured with a variety of optics and contrast techniques, including the newly designed fluorescence axis.


Outstanding Illumination The bright 30 watt halogen illumination gives you an even field of view with accurate color.

Koehler illumination is standard so you have the best control over your contrast. Home Core Products Microscopes. Leica Upright Microscopes Inverted Microscopes.

Objective Imaging Imaging Software. Motic VM System Scanner. Leica DM Laboratory Microscope.