Filozoficzno-przyrodnicza koncepcja cudu u Gottfrieda Wilhelma Leibniza i G. W. Leibniz, Polemika z S. Clarke’iem, [w:] tegoż, Wyznanie wiary filozofa. Rationality at Stake: Leibniz and the Beginnings of Newton’s Era G.W. Leibniz, Wyznanie wiary filozofa () oraz inne pisma filozoficzne, ser. His principal adversaries here are Newton and Leibniz. Physical monadology is Leibniz [] – G. W. Leibniz, Wyznanie wiary filozofa, tłum.

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Macan [] — I. Turn it on to take full advantage of this site, then refresh the page. Newton [] — I.

Markovic [] — Z. Weyl, Symetria, Warszawa Witkiewicz [b] — S. Just as linguistic or conceptual units are at the basis of the charactersistica universalishis monads are responsible for physical activity of material bodies.

Mates, The Philosophy of Leibniz. Broad [] — C.

Abstract Our present knowledge in the field of dynamical systems, information theory, probability theory and other similar domains indicates that the human brain is a complex dynamical system working in a strong chaotic regime in which random processes play important roles. He tried to show their possibility by appealing to a system that emphasizes the role of a libertarian divine will and direct divine intervention in the ordinary course of nature, denies activity to matter, and claims that basic forces that keep the world together are the effect of continual spiritual activity.


Physical monadology is a conception that is more closely connected with dogmatic than with critical metaphysics. Metaphysic and Language, New York In A brief outline of some meditation on fire Kant identifies the properties of this mediating factor. A free enquiry into the vulgarly received notion of nature, [w: Kant, Meditations of fire, trans.

Fragments of Immanuel Kant’s protophysical conception | Diametros

Nedeljkovic [] — D. Perzanowski, Protofizyka, tekst niepublikowany.

De Risi, Geometry and Monadology: Macan [] — I. Gill [] — H. Weyl [] — H. The concept of the monad according to Leibniz and Kant.

Zenko, Aristotelizam od Petrica do Boskovica: Quick leibjiz to page content. Leibniz [] — G. Kant, Meditations of fire, transl. Dadic, Ruder Boskovic, Zagreb Leibniz [] – G.

The concept of the monad according to Leibniz and Kant

His principal adversaries here are Newton and Leibniz. Witkiewicz [] — S. Witkiewicz [] — S. Hall, Hall [] — A.


The concept of the monad according to Leibniz and Kant | Diametros

Descartes [] — R. Zenko [] — F. It is worth comparing these two notions to trace the development of one of the most interesting modern philosophical ideas, that of the monad.