Planalto Central do Brazil. Commissao de Istituto Farina. (Seziono Sordomuti.) Istituto dei Sordomuti. Osservatorio. . (In Lei- den.)]. , accessed on 2 (http :// 3, of 12 June (Lei Valentim), imposed an 18% services .. 10,, of 29 December , which regulates the application of AD and CV duties. Office of the President:

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Lei Pdf Planalto –

The real may continue to fluctuate significantly against the U. Archivos de la Policlinica. Indicate by check mark if the registrant is a well-known seasoned issuer, as defined in Rule of the Securities Act. Treasurer of the Philippine Islands. Over- or under-forecasting demand can have adverse consequences.

Accordingly, after a careful evaluation of the conditions imposed by the Brazilian federal government for the extension of our distribution concession, we decided to request the renewal of this contract and our renewal request was approved by the MME on November 11, See Survey of India Of- fice.

Kir Novenytormelesi Kis6rloti Alhmias. The New Industry Model Law introduced material changes to the regulation of the power industry, with a view to i providing incentives to private and public entities to build and maintain generation capacity and ii assuring the supply of electricity within Brazil at adequate tariffs through competitive electricity public bidding processes.

Lei 9099 Pdf Planalto

Observatorio Meteorologico del Colegio del Estado. Quality of supply indicator. Together, they provided electricity to approximately 9.

Sio Joao d’ El Rei. Securities registered or to be registered pursuant to Section 12 g of the Act: The New Industry Model Law does 108333 affect bilateral agreements entered into before Succeeded by Canadian Record of Science. In accordance with IAS 33, when there is an increase in the number of shares without an increase in issued capital, the number of shares is adjusted retrospectively for all prior periods presented.

Each of our subsidiaries has a distribution network consisting of a widespread network of predominantly overhead lines and substations having successively lower voltage ranges. These services are designed to help consumers improve the efficiency, cost and reliability of the electric equipment they use.

Free Customers are limited to: To date, the Brazilian Supreme Court has not reached a final decision, and we do not know when such a decision may be reached. Allegations of political corruption against the Brazilian federal government and the Brazilian legislative branch could create economic and political instability. See Royal Geographical So- ciety of Australasia. The CDE Account was created to support i the development of plaanlto production throughout Brazil, ii the production of energy by alternative energy sources and iii the universalization of electric energy services throughout Brazil.


Morro dos Ventos VI. In and through March 31,the following developments affected our corporate structure:.

Society of Sciences, Literature and Arts. Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter. Mounds and circles of standing stones including the site Gettlinge in characteristic form of boat are mostly south of the island. In recent years, in order to achieve a new level of operational efficiency, we commenced roll out of the Tauron Program, which consists of two main projects: Anthropologisches Museum der Universitat.

Under laws and regulations specific to the electric sector, the Federal Government may renew existing concessions for additional periods of up to 30 years without a bidding process, provided that the concessionaire has met minimum performance standards and that the proposal is otherwise acceptable to the Federal Government.

See Proef station voor Suikerriet in West Java. Bermuda Natural History Society. This annual report contains information that constitutes forward-looking statements within the meaning of the U.

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Other factors include a reduction in TUSD charges due to a reduction in the tariff prices charged to Free Consumers and the accounting effects of regulatory assets relating to subsidies for low-income consumers.

Under Federal Law 13, of December 8,we have effectively capped our exposure to this risk for the life of our existing PPAs in our Generation segment, and have covered the cash outlay from January to July through the GSF payment we made in regarding the electricity required to serve our consumers in the Regulated Market.

The main provisions of each contract relate to the amount of electricity purchased, the price, including adjustments for various factors such as inflation indexes, and the duration of the contract. Tariffs are comprised of two components: You may encounter difficulties in the exercise of some of your rights as a shareholder if you hold our ADSs rather than the underlying common shares. In addition, both the implementation of our strategy for growth and our ordinary business may be adversely affected by governmental actions such as changes to current legislation, the termination of federal and state concession programs, creation of more rigid criteria for qualification in public energy auctions, or a delay in the revision and implementation of new annual tariffs.


National Agricultural and Industrial Association. Our frequency and duration of interruptions per consumer in the past few years compare favorably to the averages for other Brazilian distribution companies.

Merchant Navy at Southampton by John Freeth. Restrictions on certain distribution activities, including requiring distributors to focus on their core business of distribution activities in order to promote more efficient and reliable services to captive customers. We are also actively engaged in efforts to reduce commercial losses from illegal connections, fraud, billing errors and similar matters. Today, open auctions on the regulated market are still the primary channel by which our generation business generates revenues, and they are still one of the primary channels by which our distribution business purchases energy to resell to captive customers.

For instance, the New Industry Model Law provides, among other restrictions, that if our forecasts fall significantly short of actual electricity demand, we may be forced to make up the shortfall with shorter term electricity purchase agreements.

Following the adoption of the New Industry Model Law, the Brazilian government, acting primarily through the MME, has undertaken certain duties that were previously the responsibility of ANEEL, including the drafting of the guidelines governing the granting of concessions and the issuance of directives governing the bidding process for concessions relating to public services and public assets. Ministerio de Justicia, Culto, Instruccion y Beneficen- cia.

According to Ordinance No. We are subject to comprehensive regulation of our business, which fundamentally affects our financial performance. To date, as compared to the total number of our captive consumers, the number of potentially Free Consumers is relatively small, but they account for a significant amount of our electricity sales and revenues.