Una comparacion entre la Antigua Babilonia y la Babilonia Moderna.!Excelente obra!. Las Dos Babilonias: Alexander Hislop: Books – Las Dos Babilonias by Alexander Hislop at – ISBN – ISBN – CreateSpace Independent Publishing .

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His bearers were twelve men clad in crimson, being immediately preceded by several persons carrying a cross, his mitre, his triple crownand other insignia of his office. Even in China, the same practice of wearing the fish-head mitre had evidently once prevailed; for the very counterpart of the Papal mitre, as worn by the Chinese Emperor, has subsisted to modern times.

That instrument with which they described the portion of the heavens on which their observations were to be made, was curved at the one end, and was called ” lituus. Peter’s, or any of the churches of Rome. There were two ways in which Dagon was anciently represented. To enable the Pope, however, to rise to the full plenitude of power which he now asserts, the co-operation of lax was needed.

Las Dos Babilonias (spanish Edition) Alexander Hislop

Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. When the Pope came, as he did, into intimate connection with the Pagan priesthood; when they came at last, as we shall see they did, under his control, what more natural than to seek not only to reconcile Paganism and Christianity, but to make it appear that the Pagan “Peter-Roma,” with his keys, meant “Peter of Rome,” and that that “Peter of Rome” was the very apostle to whom the Lord Babilnias Christ gave the “keys of the alexandsr of heaven”?

The king of Babylon, as Sovereign Pontiff, was adored in like manner. The priest who explained the Mysteries to the initiated was sometimes called by a Greek term, the Hierophant; but in primitive Chaldee, the real language of the Mysteries, his title, as pronounced without the points, was “Peter”–i.


The Deification of the Child 61k.

Las Dos Babilonias – Alexander Hislop.pdf

The excavations of Nineveh have put this beyond all possibility of doubt. Now, look back through the vista of three thousand years, and see how the Sovereign Pontiff of Egypt used to pay a visit to the temple of his god. The same was the case with the Chaldean Pontiff, and alexsnder system over which he presided.

Alexander Hislop First published as a pamphlet in — expanded in Rev. Best Match Best Match. As the Pope bears the key of Janusso he wears the mitre of Dagon.

alexander hislop | eBay

From the Pope downwards, all can be shown to be now radically Babylonian. The gift of the ministry is one of the greatest gifts which Christ has bestowed upon the world. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again. Item Location see all Item Location. And, therefore, in one of these messages we find Him tacitly rebuking the profane ascription of His own peculiar dignity to hilsop divinity, and asserting His exclusive claim to the prerogative usually attributed to His rival.

But what, I babi,onias ask, would even the old Pagan priests say who left the stage of time while the martyrs were still battling against their gods, and, rather than symbolise with them, “loved not their lives unto the death,” if they were to see the present aspect of the so-called Church of European Christendom? While nothing but judicial infatuation can account for the credulity of the Christians in regarding these keys as emblems of an exclusive power given by Christ to the Pope through Peter, it is not difficult to see how the Pagans would rally round the Pope all the more readily when they heard him found his power on the possession of Peter’s bwbilonias.

The Sign of the Cross 21k. Very early, indeed, did the bishop of Rome show a proud and ambitious spirit ; but, for the first alexanded centuriestheir claim for superior honour was founded simply on the dignity of their see, as being that of the imperial city, the capital of the Roman world.


Las Dos Babilonias (spanish Edition) Alexander Hislop | eBay

Again, according to the fabulous accounts of the Egyptian Mercury, he banilonias reported The one was when he was depicted as half-man half-fish; the upper part being entirely human, the under part ending in the tail of a lws.

That he ever even set foot in Rome is at the best highly doubtful. Our new search experience requires JavaScript to be enabled. The other was, when, to use the words of Layard, “the head of the fish formed a mitre above that of the man, while its scaly, fan-like tail fell as a cloak behind, leaving the human limbs and feet exposed. Extreme Unction 6k Section V.

How unlike the Sabbath –how unlike religion–how unlike the suitable preparation to receive a minister of the meek and lowly Jesus! Thus a Papal writer describes a certain Pope or Papal bishop as ” mitra lituoque decorus ,” adorned with the mitre and the augur’s rod, meaning thereby that he was “adorned with the mitre and the crosier. Thus was it in the Eastat least five hundred years before the Christian era. The Pope now pretends to supremacy in the Church as the successor of Peter, to whom it is alleged that our Lord exclusively committed the keys alexandrr the kingdom of heaven.

On this policy it is evident he acted. But now both the name and the power implied in the name have long since disappeared from all civil functionaries of temporal sovereigns; and those only who aid the Pope babilohias wielding the key of Janus–in opening and shutting–are known by the title of Cardinals, or priests of the ” hinge.

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