Urhobo and head words from English; Urhobo –English complex Code In this study, Urhobo is the matrix language while English is the. SIMILAR WORDS IN URHOBO AND UKWUANI LANGUAGE, For more data in general and to anyone that has to do with language planning”. world should evolve a more robust language planning policy towards the functional . Fulfulde, Igala, Ijaw, Kanuri, Nupe, tiv, and Urhobo. The.

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There should not be ignorant of the knowledge of sound among dialects of the same language. You have proven to the world that your stock is nothing but a feather that floats upon a lake which terminates on land. This chapter, being a starting point present a background foundation upon which the rest chapter is build.

You don’t have to use invectives to make your points. However, it is different in its own rights. Uvwie people, you know the drill. We based our analyses on the two. If you want to learn Urhobo, dont start with Agbon. You need to learn logic Ruhobo just introduced a new term: This means English along with Deutsche, Netherlands and other languages have the same origin. Theirs is an amalgam of Okpe, Agbon and Udu.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: A specific dialect of Urhobo has even broken off and become an individual ethnic nationality Isoko. She never defined it and that was your question.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it. Now to our main discourse: Urhobos have been calm all through. The main reason for this break-off is that these dialects see lanhuage as individual groups as much as Ikwerre see themselves as being different from Igbo. Ughievwien When I was growing up, we had two neighbours that were Ughievwien Ujevwen people. And please, cite like an intellectual rather than use vague non- scholarstic links.


This study is a Contrastive Analysis of the morphological rules in Ukwuani and Agbarho. I have no doubt there were big enough sublanguages which if they had been if the forefront of contact with Europeans would have been used and so we may have been talking of Ngwaoid, Arooid or Ezzioid.

I’m not Lagos though but I can direct you. My Isoko people here ruhobo help out with more.

The Various Dialects Of The Urhobo Language And Where They Are Spoken – Culture (6) – Nigeria

I’m a writer and a lecturer. However, there is still a controversy as to the different dialect of Urhobo language. This article clarifies on the Igboid groups well: Their main divisions are; Oruarivie-Abraka and Umiagwa-Abraka, each with its own king.

Their Urhobo is mildly understandable by the average Urhobo speaker. So sentimental, as expected. Only Orogun people can fully explain how unique their dialect is.

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Maybe you should update your ‘vast knowledge’ of them. These people have lived alongside the Ijaws for so long that it leaves much to marvel that they have not been acculturated by now. Wo nabo ru den UDU. Ubi cha o E! However, it ended there. The average Urhobo man will have a field day understanding Okpe. We have aligned with the idea that morphology is a well explored area of linguistic analysis.

It came when Gowon created Rivers state in To illustrate I will give one example. I can connect you to a Language Center close to you except of course, you are within my terrain. Air me ur mail, bbm pin nd whatsapp number.


This is only one historian’s theory! You are the one who is a tribal bigot jumping to all manner of moronic conclusions. As expected, their version of Urhobo has been colorated by Ijaw with so much borrowings, transliterations, adaptations, jugglery, etc etc.

Most of these clans use central urhobo. Aboriginal speakers of the various dialects should contribute meaningfully to this thread by showing us some of the unique features of their dialects.

This is purely a language based thread and Okpe people can decide to form their own ethnicity but it doesn’t change the fact that they will remain a dialect of the greater Urhobo. Udu people please help me out. In all reality it is a very technical term that has no place in civilian conversation because its original meaning is distorted It is a descriptive just like we call a lion a cat urgobo does not tell us anything about the biology of lions and cats. Igboid means one thing and one thing only it is a linguistic classification.


Tutuleke tuleke A yan ughere. Google Mathias Orhero and see my works.

Of these divisions, Okpara is the largest while Kokori speaks a more proto-Agbon, urbobo harder, version. Therefore we are looking at Agbarho as Urhobo Language not just a dialect.