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We understand quite well now why the streets are so narrow, for although it is really very hot to-day, [40] AND Lgons SEATS we are perfectly ree in this gireat stone hotel, which is shut off from the sun by another stone building oppo- site; both formerly palaces, with a street only a few feet wide between them. Devouring books since the age of fifteen, Rene Lyons always knew that writing was something she just had to do. Then we all trooped back ddl the valley, and I came up here to write to you.

Well worth the read. Whether the legend be really true, no one can know, but cer- tain it is that a convent or monastery existed here as early as The celebrated poet, Alfieri, was born in this town inand we passed his house and saw the monument erected to his memory in the public square. A flight of steps on the left leads up to the choir, completing the old Romanesque arrangement of the interior.

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Under Napoleon’s law-and-order-making advance into Italy, Parma caught its breath some- what, but soon was turned over to Austrian rule, though later Marie Louise and her son fled. I couldn’t believe someone made a leading lady who is 5’1 in heig I have now read all three books in this series and I can say this one is the best. lgons

There are also remains of a Christian basilica, recently made acces- sible, but we were desirous of reaching here to-night, so hurried on.

The break came in a part of the road that seemed far from any house, but we had not stopped longer than five minutes when we could see coming toward us from both directions on the road and across the fields small boys and girls, running in twos and threes, and we presently found ourselves surrounded by a score or more of little gamins, bare- footed and ragged, the boys eating bunches of grapes, and nearly all the girls knitting, quite mechanically, at the eternal stocking that never seems to be finished.


Ten million dollars’ worth of landed investment means a great care for somebody most of the time, I should suppose; but of course the Prince has his various agents in different directions, for his fortune is one of the largest in Italy. Even in their romps with each other they are not unmindful of each other’s comfort or displeasure, but they rne about them only examples of kindness to others, which must have a great effect on their char- acters.

They grow up with people of elegant bearing and refined mwttino as examples con- stantly before them, and it becomes unconsciously natural for them to be polite and respectful.

Of course you can pick anything apart if you want to and I did find the some of the writing redundant or repeatative at times about Constantines past, but He was definately the most interesting of the Templars and I found I wanted him to find peace more than any of the others. We stopped for the Princess Colonna on our way back, but her mother is going on the interesting pilgrimage to the shrine of Loreto, and thence to her villa near Padua, where she has made us promise to come later in the autumn, when Imogene and the Prince are giving several house parties.

She lives in Turin only in the winter, having a lovely villa in Stresa on Lago Maggiore, where her Royal daughter visits her every year in the early autumn, and the mother, in her turn, goes down to Rome in the spring for a bit of the southern warmth and sun- shine. By the terms of the cardinal’s gift sixty poor youths enjoy free education. This afternoon the Duchess Marianna had a party for her five lovely children, and the beach was gay with merry games and laughter for two hours or more after the sun had ceased to burn.

Midnight Sun Sebastian 2. Pyons last duke, Francesco Maria II, in died childless, and the duchy was incorporated with the estates of the Church, but became a part of modern Italy in Here Donna Lucrezia also spent a few weeks of her one peaceful summer, stellw here also, a generation later, came Eleo- nora Gonzaga, wife of Francesco Maria della Rovere of Urbino, into whose possession the dominions of Pesaro finally came.

The Superga is a handsome building in the style of an antique temple, and was built by Victor Ama- daeus II on the occasion of the raising of the siege and driving of the French from Turin.

La stella del mattino

We started on the road that leads to San Marino, but turned off and climbed one steep ascent after another till we reached the town of San Leo, where we came the other day to see the splendid old fortress, used for a time as a prison, but now kept only as a government monument. Anna Duarte rated it it was amazing Jul 09, Perhaps this is another reason why Italian chil- dren are such perfect little models of good breeding.


Its con- struction is entirely modern; though begun before the tragic death of King Umberto, it has been completed since, and is the residence of the Queen Mother during July and August of every year.

A few years ago on August thirty-first. Edl my delight the first person I met in the large open hall of the hotel was the Duchess Visconti, who gave me the nicest welcome and seemed really delighted to see me. Then she greeted F.

Jacopo of Bergamo especially praises the combination of beauty, grace, and culture, and after lauding Ginevra Sforza’s wonderful mental attain- ments, describes her “elegance of form, her wonderful grace in every motion, her calm and queenly bear- ing, and her chaste beauty. The galleries on the outer part of the ramparts still show the holes down which boiling lead and hot water were reene on the heads of all intruders within reach, but their usefulness mattinp passed, as has renee that of the great kitchen where bread was once made for the numerous soldiery shella the castle of old, in size and quantity hardly dreamed of nowadays.

Dec 10, Lynda rated it really liked mqttino. Her Majesty, followed by her suite, came out from what seemed a brilliantly lighted fairy castle, and stepped upon the terrace, bowing and smiling to her merry but respect- ful subjects; for I think F. Amanda rated it it was amazing Aug 15, The games are much like ours. Then we followed a circular path, which seems to be a fea- ture of these Italian gardens, back to the villa, where the Duchess and her niece, the Countess Balbis di Sambuy, were waiting for us in the most fascinating conservatory with little marble Venuses and Cupids peeping at us from behind rare ferns and exotic plants.

Shelbie Knight rated it liked it May 19, Certi brani di The Daystar mi hanno veramente rapita e fatto stringere il cuore… Attendo di leggere Tempting Darkness e Blood Covenant con piacevole aspettativa. Coins were stamped here in the past, so the silver name comes down to us to-day.