Editorial Reviews. Review. Perez-Reverte writes with wit, narrative economy, a sharp eye for La piel del tambor (Spanish Edition) by [Pérez-Reverte, Arturo]. La piel del tambor has ratings and reviews. Jord said: I found this book in a resort in the Caribbean, it took me two holidays to actually fini. James said: 3+ stars to Arturo Pérez-Reverte’s The Seville Communion, By the way I read it in Spanish where the title is “La piel del tambor.” I think this is his.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want reverhe Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Her name is Our Lady of the Tears. She’s a small, crumbling Baroque church in the heart of Seville, Spain. And at least one person — a computer hacker perfz Vespers — believes that she kills to defend herself.

He meets a feisty parish pri Her name is Our Lady of the Tears. He meets a feisty parish priest, a beautiful aristocrat, an ambitious banker, and three perwz the most touching, wonderfully ineffectual crooks to ever dabble in a life of crime. There are mysteries as well, from another death at the church to the secrets of the human heart.

The Seville Communion

Paperbackpages. Published June 7th by Mariner Books first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Seville Communionplease sign up. Was this peerz a best seller? Chris Kostov I would say that this book is a real bestseller! It is wonderfully written with a series with exciting and unexpected twists.

See 1 question about The Seville Communion…. Lists erverte This Book. Jan 23, James rated it liked it Shelves: This was a good book, and I’d recommend it to fans of the genre or of translated novels; however, it could have packed even more of a punch, which is why it falls somewhere between a 3 and 4.

Story Father Quart works in a special research unit IEA — Investigation for External Affairs within the Catholic church, and he is sent to Seville, Spain, where someone has hacked into the Pope’s personal computer to leave a message about helping a church about to be demolished. Quart, a young and pie, priest who follows the rules, finds himself torn between a lustful woman, different sides of the church and a town divided in what to do about the church. The land was deeded to the church hundreds of years ago as long as mass is said every Thursday in someone’s honor.

But when a ruthless corporation and corrupt town government want to sell the land to make more money, artruo lives are in danger. The business man’s wife is in the papers for cheating on him and the priest who runs the church is suspected of murder. Rambor playing games revertte what’s really going on beneath the surface? Quart finds out in the end, but he never really knows who to trust.

Strengths The cast of characters is dynamic petez complex. Within the church, you’ve got very different types of priests, and each one makes valid points about why their way is the right way. The woman having an affair almost makes you root for her to be successful against her husband, and her husband even comes off as respectable and honorable at many points. Zrturo 3 villains who have been hired to kill the priests are laughable and vivid.

The lead priest, Father Quart, has a lot of depth, and you feel his struggle throughout the novel. I’m still unsure why he remains a priest, but it adds great conflict in his story and the church’s story.

It works, but when you get to the last 50 pages, it unwinds rather quickly with very little backstory given to piell why each person made the decisions they made.

It is believable, yet you want more to help drive home the complexity of the story and the need for everyone to get what they wish for. With some tweaking and a few additional story points, this would be a very strong novel. Final Thoughts For pfrez of thrillers and those with interest in the Catholic church, this is a great read.

It certainly says many good things and pkel bad things about the church, and there is a lot of history about Spain to draw comparisons and conclusions about what really happened in the early 20th century.

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The language is beautiful and the messages are vivid. Very few translation issues if anything to even comment on. I’d read more by this author View all 4 comments. Jul 24, Algernon rated it really liked it Shelves: I may prefer Arturo-Perez Reverte when he writes his historical adventures featuring Captain Alatriste, but his contemporary thrillers are not without merit.

The Seville Communion is my second one, after The Club Dumasand I had some issues with it, but overall it was quite a memorable journey, one that I intend to retrace by visiting the location soon. As a thriller set in the clerical world and dealing with mysterious murders, church aturo, high finance and crises of faith, the book re I may prefer Arturo-Perez Reverte when he writes his historical adventures featuring Captain Alatriste, but his contemporary thrillers are not without merit.

As tamboe thriller set in the clerical world and dealing with mysterious murders, church politics, high finance and crises of faith, the book reminded me more of Umberto Eco rather than Dan Brown.

It is more concerned with cultural heritage, spiritual identity and careful characterization, rather than trying to be provocative, speculative and fast paced. Pifl fact one qrturo my main issues is with pacing, where I often felt the sel was having a sedate siesta under the hot Andaluzian sun, waiting for the night and the narrow, meandering alleys of the old Santa Cruz district in order to get some progress made.

There’s quite a lot of time spend reverhe small cafes, eating tapas, drinking Manzanilla and listening to flamenco music, having high brow conversations about astronomy and faith, history and modernism, celibacy, obedience and redemption. The main story is about a small, derelict baroque church in the old town of Seville, and the struggle between its priest and powerful real estate developers over the location. Two deaths of people directly involved in the church affairs have been ruled accidental, but an anonymous hacker alerts the Pope in Rome that foul play may be involved.

Rome sends a troubleshooter to assess the situation and report back. From this basic premise, Perez-Reverte develops an intricate dance of misdirection and mystery, bringing into the game quite a colourful cast of characters: He sees himself as a modern crusader, fighting the battles of the faith without questioning his commanders or the morality of his actions. The Nazarene certainly had had guts. Nobody need feel ashamed to carry His Cross like a flag.

Quart often regretted not having another kind of faith.

La piel del tambor by Arturo Pérez-Reverte (1 star ratings)

Men black with dust beneath their chain mail had once shouted the name of God as they charged into battle, to win eternal life and a place in heaven with their slashing swords.

Living and dying had been so much simpler then. Fiery, rebelious and uncompromising in his religious fervor, he has no respect for his superiors and would do anything to defend wrturo parish. Didn’t really care for her name, I blame it on RioLos del Rio – Cruz Bruner – her elderly mother, duchess of El Nuevo Extremo and a trove of other titles with sonorous names but little income, living in the faded splendor of Casa del Postigo, her sumptuous family palace in the center of Seville.

They provide some humor relief and a lot of local color and trivia. The author shows off here his book geek credentials by making puns in Latin: It’s quite a oa cast of characters for a thriller, and my only complaint is that pjel are bit theatrical – like actors following a script – especially the villains who prove rather inept and oa in the end.

Another small gripe is about computers. The book was written when PC’s were all the rage and a lot of pfrez general population was still hazy about how they work. This is probably the reason why the author was unconvincing in writing about hackers, with a romantic view of secretive Robin Hoods attacking the establishment with pretty animated tools, reminiscent of ‘s Hollywood movies: As he switches phone networks, he leaves behind a kind of explosive charge that erases any trace of his route.

This hacker certainly knows what he’s doing. Seville is as good a setting for the action as the Middle Age monastery from The Name of the Roseproviding a tumultous history, a passionate people, a vibrant modern life mixing with a traditionalist older generation.


I got a melancholic vibe pil the passing of an era, a changing of the guard, the old soldiers fading away and the new ones more concerned with instant gratification and winning by any means. The Catholic Church used to have all the power in Spain, and its struggle for significance in the modern world was revdrte the main attraction of the book for me, the question of what is worthy of preservation and what belongs in the dumping grounds of history. It is beautifully articulated by Gris Marsala: I’m convinced that every ancient building, picture, or book that’s lost or destroyed, leaves us bereft.

To illustrate this statement, the Church of Our Lady of the Tears is more than just an old pile of masonry, it is indelibly tied to one of the most romantic stories of doomed lovers in the tradition of Tristan and Isolde, Romeo and Perezz. They are Captain Xaloc and Carlotta Bruner, who met in Perfz at the end of revverte XIX century – got separated by social conventions and intransigent families, making one leave to make his fortune by sailing to the Carribean, and the other to wait and watch from the tallest tower in town for a returning sail.

The ending was a bit too neat and clear cut for my taste, but the romantic aura of Seville and its histories I think will endure. Mar 28, MTK rated it liked it. All of which must have disappointed a hell of a lot of readers, who’ll have discovered instead a book that ttambor a lightly done whodunnit backdrop to give us more of a nove “The stunning novel of suspense,” says the strapline on the cover of my edition of this novel. All of which must have disappointed a hell of a lot of readers, who’ll have discovered instead a book that uses a lightly done whodunnit backdrop to give us more of a novel of ideas than anything else — the ideas in question relating to Catholicism, ethics, astronomy and more.

In place of the vaunted “page-turning pace” we have a narrative that moves at what in fact is a very measured pace, even meandering on occasion — which is part of what makes it so very, very engrossing. I was absolutely involved in this tale and its characters; artueo I’d finished it, my wife laughed pefez me when I dsl her how pissed off I was that I didn’t have any more of it to read.

The setup in brief: A hacker breaks into the Vatican network to alert the Pope’s very own personal computer to the aruro that there’s some dirty business going on concerning an ancient small church in Arturro. The Vatican couldn’t care less about the fate of that church, but for the sake of face dispatches a sort of priestly James Bond, Lorenzo Quart, to investigate the situation and in oa identify the hacker.

Just to complicate matters, the daughter is married albeit estranged to the ringleader of the corrupt businessmen, and Quart finds her, despite his vows, magnetically attractive. I mentioned that this was a novel of ideas. It’s also, in many aspects, a comedy, primarily feverte the strand of its plot featuring a trio of incompetent crooks hired by the bad guys to nobble the old priest or in some other way ensure that artyro church falls out of its present hands and into theirs.

The antics of this trio are as funny as you’d find in a Carl Hiaasen novel, or in one of Donald Westlake’s crime comedies e. It’s just a rather quiet novel that has so many good things about it that I’d find it hard to count them all. If you come to the book expecting a “stunning novel of suspense” that moves with “page-turning pace,” I could quite imagine you might even find The Seville Communion a bit dull.

For me, I had difficulty putting it down at night and it colored my days. What more could one ask? Aug 24, Jord rated it did not like it.