ADA Owner’s Manual · AF Owner’s Manual · AP Owner’s Manual . JX-3P Owner’s Manual · JX-8P Owner’s Manual. K. KD-5 Owner’s Manual. When using the JX-3P for the first time, you must specify the MIDI manuals. About Trademarks. • VST is a trademark and software of Steinberg Media. The JX-3P software synth offers a crystalline ACB-component (Analog Circuit Behavior)-level replication of the original’s signature sound. Run the gamut from .

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Search the jx3 of over billion web pages on the Internet. Operation with non-certified or non-verified equipment is likely to result in interference to radio and TV reception. These rules are designed to provide reasonable protection against such an interference in e residential installation. However, there is no guarantee that the interference will not occur in a particular installation.

Full text of “Roland JX-3P Owner’s Manual”

For Roland devices, you can obtain the proper shielded cable from your dealer. For non Roland devices, contact the manufacturer kx3p dealer for assistance. If you equipment does cause interference to radio or television reception, you can try to correct tne interference by using one one or more of the following measures: That Is, make certain the equip- ment and the radio or television set are en circuits controlled by jjx3p circuit breakers or fuses.

Government Printing Office, Washington, D.

Control Description 4 3. Basic Connections 4 4. Preset Section 5 5. Performance Control Section 6 6. Tape Memory 12 8. Programmer PGD 21 Setting up with External Devices. The Output jack, however, is not affected by the position of this switch. Signal is always outputted. Normally, this switch is to be set to Memory Protect On. It is also possible to temporarily edit any program in memory. Moreover, its Dual DCO sys- manuaal 6 voices – 12 DCO’s enables the user to obtain a rich and realistic sound, synchro tone and metalic sound.

Other Media Files : Roland JX-3P

Please make sure that the voltage system in your country meets that. If this happens, simply turn j3p off again and turn it on a few seconds later. If so, change the angle of the JX- 3P. In this case, you need to set up the Programmer PG- By bending this in either direction, you can add a special expression to your performance. This function, however, has no effect on the sequencer sounds.

This can be applied to the sequencer play- ing. The chord will sound low, and the melody will be emphasized. Each time you press this button, manuap func- tion is turned on or off. The sound level is determined by the sus- tain level set with the Sustain knob In the Envelope Generator. This hoid function is not obtained if the sustain level mx3p set to zero decay sound.

By using the appropriate key, you can shift the pitch of the entire nanual. There- fore, you can play a piece with many ‘s and b ‘s in the key of C major A minor. If the indicator above lights up, transposition is completed and the JX-3P will now play in the key js3p the chosen note. You can transpose the sequencer phrase being played. Sequencer The JX-3P contains the poiyphonic sequ- encer that’has the capacity of step automatic playing.


Up to 6 notes can be played at a time. Also, writing a diord is possible.

Tie button If you wish to join notes, press this button, sequencer starts or stops. Rest button If you wish to write rests, press this but- ton. Rate knob This controls the tempo of the sequencer playing. Raising this knob quicken the tempo.

Roland JX-3P Owner’s Manual

Each time you press this button, the Sequencer starts or stops. You can write the pitch by playing the keybord, and the rhythm by pressing the Tie button and the Rest button. The pitch and rhythm should be simulta- neously written. Then divide the longer time values by that shortest one. Selector j3xp on the rear panel to Programmer, then the Memory Protect function will be off.

Also, jxx3p the Ext. The flashing indicator shows the measure and the lighting one the step. It is important to play in a non legato man- ner i.

If you play in a legato manner i. At this time, the phrase written will start playing. Selector switch to the Memory Protect On position.

Also, the rests will be counted just like the notes? The maximum capacity of this sequencer is steps, and as soon as all the steps are used up, writing will automatically stop the indicator of the Sequencer Write button will go outand writing steps Is no longer possible.

When all the notes are played, the data will return to the beginning and played again. The tempo of the data is adjusted with the Rate knob. For instance, if 4 notes are played in the sequencer, 2 notes are manul available on the keyboard. If altogether more than 6 notes are played on the key- board and in the sequencer, the notes ex- ceeded will be lost.

Also, if you play the same notes as the sequencer’s, those notes are stacked and sound richer unison effect. In this case, all you need to write In the built-in sequencsr is, the pitch. C Applications [1] Overdubbrng It is possible to write a new phrase over the phrase previously written. You can write up to steps altogether and up to 6 notes in each step. Then divide the longer time values with the shortest one.

Then write the rest of the voices one by one. Overdubbing b will sound Cc will sound Also, if more than ix3p notes voices are writ- ten, the last 6 notes will stay. You cannot go any further step than this start- ing position even if keep pressing the button.

Data Maximum range ] to go back Data already written Data being ovenJubbed Maximum range to msnual back 7. Tape Memory You can save the sequencer data and the patdi you have synthesized into an ordina- ry tape recorder for storage and later retrie- val. Also, you can verify if the saving has correctly done. And more, loading the data from the tape into the JX-3P is possible. H5H 12 The figure shows when you should press each button.


Documents, presets, manuals Roland JX-3P – Audiofanzine

After pressing the Save but- ton, you manuak hear the Pilot tone for about 5 seconds from the SAVE jack, then saving starts. Please jxp this Pilot tone as well, so that later verifying and loading will be done majual securely. Also, while this Pilot tone is heard, adjust the recording level of the tape recorder. In verifying or loading, press mabual button before the Pilot tone turns to the Modulated tone.

Set the tape recorder to the playing mode PLAY. If you have selected a File Number in sav- ing, select that File Number. If there is an error, the indicators of the Tone Selector buttons manua, to 16 will flash for a while one after another.

If the error is indicated the very beginning pf the verify procedure, particularly take care of a. Carefully repeat the save procedure. Set mx3p tape recorder so that the tape will be played back from the very beginning of the data where you hear kanual Pilot tone. If you have selected a File Number in sav- ing, select that File Number here. Press the Tone Selector button Mf the Memory Protect function is not turned off at this stage, the Tone Selector buttons 1 to 16 will light up displaying that loading is not being done.

Selector switch to the Memory Protect On position, and stop the tape recorder. Carefully repeat the load procedure. Be sure to adjust the play back level of the tape recorder and to press the Tone Selec- tor buttons 13 and 16 at the right time. If not, the data in either of these Banks will be alternately chosen in this case, the File Number of the Bank C data is 1 and Bank D is 2. Edit By using this Edit function, you can edit the preset tone colors to your taste or syn- thesize your original patch.

Each time you press this, It will be alternately turned on and off. Group B button If editing any of the elements within the Group B, press this button. This button will be alternately turned on and off by pressing. Edit Write button You can write the edited patch into me- mory by pressing this button.

Each time you press the button, it wit! Edit Procedure is as follows. This drawing tells you the Group and Number of the element manua wish to edit. You can select the num- ber of the element 1 to 16 to be edited by using the Tone Selector buttons 1 to