hematologis ikan lele dumbo sehat dalam Jurnal Penelitian. Perikanan Indonesia Volume 7 Nomor 3 (Bastiawan, dkk.,. ). Pengamatan dan identifikasi. Praktikum Mikroteknik Hewan dan Tumbuhan. Surakarta: Jurusan Biologi FMIPA UNS. Pai, A.C. Dasar-dasar Genetika. edisi kedua. Medical Laboratory Technology Journal.

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Eight new species of the genus Promalactis Lepidoptera- Oecophoridae from Indonesia, with a checklist of the genus. Pseudochromis stellatus, a new species of dottyback from Indonesia Teleostei-Pseudochromidae. The purpose of the present study was to identify and determine phylogenic relationships of nine cultivars of strawberries based on the anatomical and morphological characters. Stroberi, Budidaya dan Pascapanen. Review of the Nassarius pauperus Gould, complex Nassariidae – Part 3, reinstatement of the genus Reticunassa, with the description of six new species.

Spesies baru tersebut meliputi tumbuhan, porifera, nematoda, mikroteknki, moluska, mikrotekbik, amfibi, reptil, dan mamalia. Guidelines for the conduct of tests for distinctness, uniformity and stability Strawberry.

The gastrointestinal nematodes of Paramelomys lorentzii and Mammelomys spp. A new mikeoteknik of Halmaheramys Rodentia: Muridae of Sumatra, Indoneisa.


Inilah Daftar Jurnal Spesies Baru di Indonesia Tahun – Generasi Biologi

Demosponge diversity from North Sulawesi, with the description of six new species. Mistar Cokrokusumo No 4. Subsequently, the principal components were analyzed using the Euclidian Biplots algorithm depicted in a Scatter plot.

International Board for Plant genetic resources. Five new species of Syzygium Myrtaceae from Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Dendrobium tinukariensis, a new species of section Calyptrochilus from the Mekongga Mountains, Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Alamat Redaksi Redaksi Planta Tropika: Revision of the non-Afrotropical species of Trigastrotheca Cameron Hymenoptera- Braconidae- Braconinae with descriptions of four new species. A new genus of gall midge Diptera: Review of the genus Banjos Perciformes- Banjosidae with descriptions of two new species and a new subspecies. Odonata- Platycnemididae from Timor, with a key to the Sundaic species.

Orphinus Orphinus pulupulu sp. A new species and seven new records of black flies Diptera- Simuliidae from Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Redaksi Generasi Biologi telah mengumpulkan publikasi mengenai spesies baru di Indonesia selama tahun Philometrid nematodes Philometridae of marine teleosts from Balinese waters, Indonesia, including the description of Philometra damriyasai sp. Crop Production Science in Holticulture.


Eleven new species of Begonia Begoniaceae from Sarawak, Borneo. Lycidae from New Guinea, with an identifi cation key to the Papuan species.

Numerical Taxonomy and Multivariate Analysis System. Review of the anotylus cimicoides species group Coleoptera- Staphylinidae- Oxytelinae.

Critical Journal Review – Mikroteknik

Please read these guidelines carefully. A new genus and species of the family Symphysanodontidae, Cymatognathus aureolateralis Actinopterygii- Perciformes from Indonesia. Value of morphological mikroteknim for cultivar identification in strawberry Fragaria ananassa: Hoya narcissiflora Apocynaceae, Asclepiadoideaea new species from Borneo. Anatomical preparations of roots, stems and leaves were made by the embedding method. The earthworm genus Polypheretima Michaelsen, Annelida- Clitellata- Megascolecidae from Sulawesi, Indonesia, with descriptions of four new species.

Authors who want mikrogeknik submit their manuscript to the editorial office of Medical Laboratory Technology Journal should obey the writing guidelines. Lepidoptera- Erebidae- Lymantriinaean overlooked Wallacean lineage of the Australian genus.