trated in figure 2, include the National Command. Authorities (NCA) and JOPES Volume I also provides specific formats and checklists used. Cjcsm a Jopes Vol 2 – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. a Jopes Vol 2 -. [PDF Document] – cjcsm. 03a 31 december. joint operation planning and execution system volume ii.

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To flip the current card, click it or press the Spacebar key. To move the current card to one of the three colored boxes, click on the box. You may also click on the card displayed in any of the three boxes to bring that card back to the center. Embed Code – If you would like this activity on your web page, copy the script below and paste it into your web page. Joint doctrine promotes a common perspective from which to plan, train, and conduct military operations.

Unifed action refers to the synchronization, coordination, and integration of the activities of governmental and nongovernmental entities with military operations to achieve unity of effort.

The DOD is composed of what agencies? What chain of command is joint operation planning conducted within? Name the five nopes of joint operation planning that must be done to plan for col anticipated operation. JOPES is a system of joint policies, procedures, and reporting structures supported by communications and computer systems.

It is used by the joint planners to monitor, plan, and execute planning activities during peace and crisis. Define total force accountability.

Total force accountability is defined as the accurate accounting for all Air Force at all times regardless of location.

What makes up the total force? Name the five elements of total force accountability. Another important aspect of the citizen soldier relationship, which is also true with Air Force Reserve members, is the broad range of talent and experience that traditional Guard members bring from their civilian jobs to their military assignments.

What is the secondary purpose of the AEF? List some items that are vital to understand about the AEF doctrine. The AEF doctrine is not only vital to understand how to best employ air and space power, but it is also vital to understand the proper way to organize, present, and deploy air and space forces. Name the two fundamental principles of the AEF concept. The two AEF fundamental principles are to provide trained and ready air and space forces for national defense and secondly, to meet national commitments through a structured approach which enhances total force readiness and sustainment.

What does the four-month baseline AEF vulnerability period facilitate?

Tempo bands and enabler forces contain forces from what two components? Tempo bands and enabler forces contain both active component and ARC forces. When aligning a UTC capability into a tempo band, the requirements are relative to what?

Aligning a UTC capability into a tempo band is based on requirements relative to assigned rotational capability for each vulnerability period. What are air expeditionary wings capable of?

The air expeditionary group is normally the smallest AETF presented to a theater because a single AEG rarely includes sufficient command and control and expeditionary combat support to sustain it in the field. Give a description of the air expeditionary squadron. The air expeditionary squadron is the basic war fighting organization of the Air Force and is the building block of the AETF.


UTCs are represented by how many characters? UTCs are represented by a 5-character alphanumeric code. What do war planners use UTCs to document? War planners use UTCs to document total Air Force manpower and logistics requirements needed to support the national military strategy during operational planning and execution activities.

What do UTCs define? UTCs by definition define capabilities. When is a UTC usable? What are the different types of UTCs? Describe the standard UTC.

Joint Chiefs of Staff > Library > CJCS Manuals

Describe the non-standard UTC. What is an A-UTC?

An A-UTC is a placeholder for deployable capability. UTCs are built to accommodate how many days of sustained capability? UTCs are generally built to accommodate 30days of sustained capability before having to be augmented with new supplies or personnel.

What is the UTC development process? Name the guidelines that will help determine when a UTC must be developed.

Pass complete!

New equipment types enter the inventory, deployable units experience a significant change in either operational concept or mission, significant program changes occur in manpower or equipment, and significant program or operational changes occur. Where are new UTC requests created?

What happens to a UTC when it is no longer needed? Since this is a registration action, it must be coordinated with other commands that are using the UTC. What does posturing a UTC consist of?

Which agency determines which organizations will posture the required UTCs and the quantity? Mobilization of the ARC is also called or considered what? Mobilization of the ARC is also called or considered activation. Activation relates to what? Activation relates to recall, volunteerism, and call up. Mobilization encompasses all activities necessary for what?

The War and Mobilization Plan, Volume 6, covers what? Demobilization is referred to as what term? Where mobilization is referred to as activation, demobilization is referred to as deactivation. When deactivation is directed, the servicing MPS is responsible for what actions?

When deactivation is directed, the servicing MPS is responsible for reviewing each separation in relation to deactivation and assisting affected member in determining any selective alternative available to them. What are the two deactivation possibilities? The MPS inputs projected separation on records identified as activated and 2.

What date is used when projected separation actions? Projected separation actions are implemented on the effective date.

Joint Operation Planning and Execution System Vol. 1 | Public Intelligence

In order for joint doctrine to promote a perspective that is used to plan, train, and conduct military operations, it represents what is taught, believed, and advocated as what is right that is, what works best.

What process guides the combatant commanders CCDR in developing plans for the possible employment of the military instrument of national power to meet contingencies and respond to unforeseen crises?

The provision of logistics and personnel services required to maintain and prolong operations until successful mission accomplishment describes sustainment planning. Total force accountability can be expanded by the theater commander or the supported command to include all of the following -DOD emergency civilians. The guard is a unique institution with both federal and state missions.


Airmen are assigned to unit manpower document UMD authorizations that are postured in unit type codes. These unit type codes are aligned in one of the air and space expeditionary force AEF or Enabler libraries.

The Air Force presents its force capabilities to satisfy commander requirements through which concept? Air and space expeditionary force AEF. Global Force Management GFM is a process to align force apportionment, assignment, and allocation methodologies in support of the defense strategy and in voll of joint force availability requirements. Personnel unit type codes UTC are mopes built to accommodate how many days of sustained capability before having to be resupplied or augmented with new supplies or personnel?

All Air Force personnel contribute to the air expeditionary force AEF ; therefore, all authorizations must be postured in the unit type code UTC availability. The purpose of mobilization planning is the joes by which organizations charged with mobilization responsibilities define policies and document procedures to accomplish tasks.

Normally, Push-Pull will not be recommended unless all of the following factors are present -large deployments of AF forces are required -shortages can be predicted in terms of AFSC, quantity, and timing. In order to demobilize a member, demobilization orders are not required. The personnelist needs what two documents to verify the deactivation? DD Form and the paid travel voucher. Individuals may request retention on active duty because of all of the following -personal hardship. The wing and installation commander is responsible for ensuring the installation is capable of supporting deployment operations.

What is the grade requirement for the IDO position? How long is the IDO appointed for? The IDO is appointed for a minimum period of joped months with the exception of short tour locations where the minimum period will be 12 months. Accountability is first and jopse a command responsibility.

Name the accountability categories the commander is responsible voll What is the job of the deployed equipment custodian? When must movement of GCCS equipment be coordinated and with whom? How are PTs structured? Who determines the PT requirements at each location?

The component command personnel planner determines the PT requirements at each location based on a variety of factors. What is the formula that tells how many personnel technicians service how many individuals? The formula of 1 personnel technician per individuals is used as only a guide. Who joles the frequency and scope of exercises based on what is necessary to ensure the deployment process runs efficiently and that all units, including Associate units, are prepared to deploy?

Who will each MAJCOM and NGB direct to ensure all wing commanders and geographically separated units GSU have evacuation plans and tracking procedures in place to account for all personnel in the event of a natural disaster or national emergency?