James Branch Cabell was an American author of fantasy fiction and belles lettres . Cabell was well regarded by his contemporaries, including H. L. Mencken. Jurgen [James Branch Cabell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. James Branch Cabell’s career was short-lived – his works fit neatly within. James Branch Cabell’s Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice went before a court in and became a bestseller, but today Cabell has met the fate of.

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She was a high-spirited woman, with no especial gift for silence At the start of his Odyssey, Jurgen is a forty-something member of the middle class, who once considered himself a poet, and who still can use sophistic arguments to demonstrate that black is white in order to get out of sticky situations.

I thought in the german novel “The adventurer Simplex Simpliccissimus” was written by Grimelhausen, without transcendence and high moral register of the german novel. How, then, can I come to Koshchei?

Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice by James Branch Cabell

The writers he opposed, like Cabell and Hergesheimer, Lewis and Anderson, have fallen from grace to varying degreeswhile the writers he championed, like Hemingway and Faulkner, and later Steinbeck, have nurgen the canon.

That’s just the bald framework of the matter. They argued that the “indecencies” were double entendres that also had perfectly decent interpretations, though it appeared that what had actually offended the prosecution most was the work’s mocking expression of philosophy, including a jest about the nature of papal infallibility.

Nov 13, Ivan Stoner rated it it was amazing.

He is looking for answers: It’s interesting to see an author’s influences at work like that. To think of it, now, that you should honor me, as people do saints, with seven candles! I felt the book was a mix of Dante’s I chose to read this book because I’ve been seeking out early examples of Science Fiction and Fantasy.


And, in a gnostic twist, he meets the true creator of the world, the one who made juurgen as it is, not as people want it to be. Dust-jacket of the first edition. He visits Hell and Heaven. L Mencken called him the greatest living American writer; F.

Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice; by James Branch Cabell

What follows is a loosely connected set of adventures, as Jurgen meets a centaur, is taken into a cave that acts as a magical portal to other worlds. Blumenfeld’s narration was just the thing to make this book come alive for me.

Early in his career, he attracted the attention of H. Martinbesides i do not understand why in a fantasy world he kames element of mythology.

The people whom he loved when at his best as a fine young fellow were so very soon, and through petty causes, to become nothing to him, and he himself was to be converted into a commonplace tradesman. And these excitable intellectuals and fellow-authors made a great fuss over Jurgenwhich was considered in its day not merely an incomparable masterpiece and one of the Great American Novels, but an icon for an entire generation.

And how do you get on with her? Like White, Cabell takes the body jmes his content from the Romantic tradition, particularly as filtered through Victorian revivalism — we are in the world of Walter Scott, of Tennyson, perhaps of William Morris, as well as, at times, of Classical myth and Biblical apocrypha, and, oddly, of Russian folklore, although it should be noted that Cabell is also familiar with the mediaeval romances themselves, cwbell references them obscurely — and like White he tells his tale in a decidedly modern, elegant yet down-to-earth manner.


As I say in the review, this may be a better book to read in snippets than to dive into in a long weekend. Fortunately, Jurgen has fantastic powers of intentional ignorance — an ability both to shrug off self-knowledge and carry on doing exactly what he was doing before, and also to constantly re-frame his own actions, for jurgsn own benefit, to give himself the temporary and superficial impression that actually everything is wonderful his complaints that the world is unfair are only slightly more common than his self-congratulation over his own noble behaviour.

Looking for something “different” 40 Aug 23, Trying to figure it all out can, at times, get to be a bit much. Want to Read saving….

Jurgen: A Comedy of Justice by James Branch Cabell – Free Ebook

I was thinking in the Voltaire,s novels “Candide”, and “Zadig” the novel of fantasy journey. And there is no faith stronger than that of a bad-tempered woman in her own infallibility. Quotes by James Branch Cabell. I have never read anything quite like Jurgen before.

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James Branch Cabell (Author of Jurgen)

She doesn’t die; she is just lost. It was interesting to note that the influence of Cabell on that series is quite real.

Rather than a slog, it was a pleasure I looked forward to each day, often having to force myself to stop listening so I could go into the office. Sword and Sorcery after Howard attempted quite unapologetically to imitate Cabell: