Ixia Tcl. Development Guide. Release Part No. Rev B This guide provides a description of the Ixia’s Tcl Command Library. Contribute to ixiacom/ixnetwork-api-tcl development by creating an account For general language documentation of IxNetwork API see the Low Level API Guide and the IxNetwork API Help. This will require a login to Ixia Support web page. Contribute to andymg/scripts development by creating an account on GitHub. scripts/tcl/dvt_auto_old/manual/scripts docs/Automated Testing IXIA API User.

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Worldwide Deployment of Synchronized Chassis. ScriptGen is run from a Wish Console and the resulting program is written to disk and shown in the console window.

TCl Development Guide – Documents

Operation on a Unix Client. Ixia Software developmeent 11 12 Setting ports to factory defaults Also, the unit can be connected to an Ethernet network and an administrator can remotely monitor and control it using the IxExplorer software program. Post on Oct views.

Refer to bgp4Server on ixis for an overview of this command. Packet Format for Data Integrity Checking. Share TCl Development Guide. E-1 ScriptGen Usage Dialog. Configurations can be sent to the hardware and various programs can be created and executed on the system.

E-2 Tcl Server on an Ixia Chassis. Organizes the APIs into related discussion groups and describes how to use them at a high level.

t Cl Development Guide

G-2 Receive Mode Selection. For example, you need not read the Packet over Sonet sonet, etc. Software Modules used on a Unix Client.


The appendices should be used for reference. An alphabetical set of reference sheets for additional test related commands. Multiple users can access the unit simultaneously, splitting the ports within a chassis and controlling the activity and configuration of all tl and functions.

Option Value Usage Replace the ports current streams. The IXIA is a powerful desktop system that holds four load modules of any type. Multiple Latency Time Measurements – Example. Change these in the source file as necessary for your scenario.

t Cl Development Guide – [PDF Document]

We are nonprofit website to share and download documents. The optional BGP4 test package must be installed in order for this command to operate. See the discussion under fromPacking above. Appendix D – Miscellaneous Unsupported Commands. F-4 Serial Port Characteristics. Appendix B – Utility Commands. The information in this manual is furnished for informational use only, is subject to change without notice, and should not be construed as a commitment by Ixia.

No connection to the chassis Invalid port specifiedbgp4Server setDefault Sets default values for all configuration options. Home Documents t Cl Development Guide.

TCl Development Guide

This test requires two ports which should be connected via a 9 loopback cable. Chapter 4 – Programming. This manual, as well as the hardware and software described in it, is furnished under license and may only be used or copied in accordance with the terms of such license.

The chapters of the manual are: The transmission rate is the ports maximum rate. The IxExplorer software provides complete configuration, control, and monitoring of all Ixia resources in the test network, isia the Tcl scripts allow the user to ddvelopment conduct the most popular industry benchmark tests.


The following are trademarks of Ixia: Option may have any of the values accepted by the bgp4RouteItem command. Depending on technology, up to four ports are packaged on a card, also referred to as a load module. After installing the Tcl Client on the workstation, the Tcl package can be loaded by launching the Tcl Shell double-clicking the Wish Console icon on the Desktop and typing in the following command: Expected Output from IxSampleTcl.

The Optixia offers the highest port density available with support for up to ports in a chassis. F-2 Tcl Server Usage. Use of Ixia ixis and software is governed by the license agreement accompanying your original purchase. UDF4 or IP address control are used to iterate through the count of addresses in the route range; it should not be reprogrammed.

Government is subject to restrictions as set forth in subparagraph 14 g iii at FAR F-3 Tcl Server with Connection. Tcl scripting allows automation of testing procedures devflopment tens to thousands of ports are involved. G-2 Extra Statistics Checkboxes. Appendix G – Available Statistics.