All those variations relate to the two scenes in the opera. In the middle of the Act, after the scene where Vaudemont discovers that Iolanta is blind, the libretto. Iolanta, the blind daughter of the King of Provence, is telling her nurse, Martha, that she is full of some unknown longing. Iolanta’s friends, Brigitte and Laura. Title: Iolanta. Libretto. German; Contributor Names: Tchaikovsky, Peter Ilich — (composer): Chaĭkovskiĭ, Modest Ilʹich, , (librettist): Schmidt.

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God, lbiretto and invisible Is present in a hot day, In sweet aromas In sounds and within myself Can one see chirping of a bird In a rose bush?

The world shrouded in darkness Must have been alien to the heart. I have noticed however variations in the libretto lines librwtto one performer to another. Iolanta’s friends, Brigitte and Laura, try to cheer her up by singing songs and bringing her flowers. Or a sweet purl of rapid waters In a sandy river? The nature stays the same Even if the world is shrouded in Darkness!

Tchaikovsky Forum : Variations in “Iolanta” Libretto

The public reception was quite favorable, though Tchaikovsky was disappointed and felt he was repeating himself, especially when compared to his earlier work, The Enchantress.

Personally it is quite iolant, that I have included Lviv in my travel plan for April next year. Iolanta’s servant-girls and friends, the king’s retinue, the Burgundian Duke’s regiment, men-at-arms. The same applied to references to the Tsar unless they were in a negative contextand the use of the old anthem “God Save the Tsar” in Tchaikovsky’s works. Iolanta hands him a rose, but it is a white one. Kouznetsov Conductor – R.


The King explains that Iolanta has been betrothed from infancy to Robert, Duke of Burgundy, and is soon to marry him, but the Duke does not know that his future wife is blind. He begins to suspect something is wrong with the girl.

Iolanta (Original edition) (1891)

Vaudemont Yes, it is true. The premiere of the opera shared a double bill with the composer’s last ballet, The Nutcracker. I do not know what is going on. Yes Liborio, you are quite right.

Iolanta is horrified, and agrees to the treatment. Robert does not trust the stranger and decides to leave.

The king arrives with Ibn-Hakia, a famed Moorish physician who states that Iolanta can be cured, but the physical cure will only work if she is psychologically prepared by being made aware of her own blindness. He started Iolanta with the final duet in Juneand despite his worries, finished composition in September and orchestration in Librdtto.

The nature stays the same Even if the world is shrouded in libretfo I find the article has been well researched and well written.


In Soviet times references to religion in Tchaikovsky’s works were usually replaced or omitted in publication and performances, and you are correct in your assumption that version 1 is the original text. No one has ever told her nor does she know that she is a princess.

Mahler also conducted the Vienna premiere on 22 March Iolanta remains indifferent to the idea which makes the Physician lose all hope. A girl appears on the terrace. Ibn-Hakia points out that the lack of will proves that, without inner desire, change cannot take place.


Can one see chirping of a bird In a rose bush? Those who do not know a blessing of Light, Can not love life. Robert departs to bring troops to rescue him. She lives in a beautiful enclosed garden on the king’s estate, secluded from the world, in the care of Bertrand and Martha.

He informs the castle porter, Bertrand, that very soon the King will be arriving with a famous Physician who, it is hoped, will cure Iolanta’s blindness. A splendid gift of the eternal nature, A priceless and sacred gift! The nature stays the same Even if the world is shrouded in Darkness. I have never felt so happy.

Iolanta – Wikipedia

Knight I do not need light To give eternal praises to God. And in comparison with it Our earthly world is Short-lived and unworthy.

He sees the sleeping Iolanta, without realising who she is and instantly falls in love. The treatment has worked and Iolanta can see. No, knight, I do not need light To know the beauty of the Universe. Martha also tries to comfort Iolanta by singing her favorite lullaby. Robert returns with his troops.

Iolanta who has no will to see, is unsure therefore whether she should agree to treatment or not. He admits to the king he has fallen in love with another, but is still willing to go ahead with the librefto marriage. He surrounded her with loyal retainers and forbade them on pain of death to tell her the truth.