S1PFB. Non-corrosive plastic construction. Oversized 1½” data conduit hub for increased cable upgrade Hubbell SystemOne FRPT and Floor Boxes to. Buy Hubbell S1PFB Non-Corrosive Plastic SystemOne Concrete Floor Box, Cubic Inches Capacity, /64″ Length x /64″ Width: Wiring & Connecting. HUBW; S1PFB; ; HUBBELL WIRING DEVICE/KELLEMS; BOX; PK; 1; EA; PVC; SIZE 5 INCH ID X INCH OD X 6 INCH H; ROUND; CU INCH;.

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The Qr code includes the static URL below and will bring you back to this page if scanned by a device like iPhone or smartphone https: Full Cubic Inch cm3 Capacity: The Hubbell SystemOne Universal Cover mounts directly to the floor box riser, eliminating the need for an additional adapter collar.

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Floor Box Product group: Hubbell SystemOne features a unique universal cover assembly and a wide variety of application sub-plates that install on both Hubbell flush floor boxes and fire-rated poke-throughs. Supplied with concrete cover and closure plugs where applicable. Designed to accommodate multi-service applications with the wide offering of Hubbell SystemOne Sub-Plates.

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S11pfb product is available in: North America United States. Leveling feet provide before pour adjustability. Set size px Thumbnail Min: Parallel conduit hubs reduce labor and material cost, facilitating easier wire pull.

Description Links Related Classification Region Properties Hubbell SystemOne is an innovative system that provides consumers with the flexibility to create personal solutions for the most demanding multi-service applications for both flush in-floor boxes hubbel fire-rated poke-throughs. The Qr code includes the static URL below and will bring you back to this page if scanned by a device like iPhone or smartphone.


Flush Date of publishing: United States Manufactured in: Now, whatever the application, Hubbell SystemOne delivers a consistent, aesthetic and functional solution hubbekl applications in-the-floor or through-the-floor for power, voice, data, and AV requirements. Supplied with concrete cover, conduit reducers and conduit hub plugs. Hubbell Premise Wiring Product family: PVC riser allows a simple saw cut for adjustment after pour. Provides an economical, easy to install in-floor delivery system for large, hubbelll plan spaces.

Convenient cubic inch cm3 capacity markings on interior of box.