Selections from the “Historia rerum anglicarum” of William of Newburgh, by Charles Johnson, M. A. by William, of Newburgh, ?;. He is famous for composing the Historia rerum Anglicarum between and The Historia is composed of three books. The first book covers the period. William of Newburgh or Newbury also known as William Parvus, was a 12th- century English William’s major work was Historia rerum Anglicarum or Historia de rebus anglicis (“History of English Affairs”), a history of England from to.

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William of Newburgh and the Historia rerum Anglicarum – A Study | Kate Sims –

And, indeed, as he much resembled, both in name and many things, that person, of whom God had anglicafum that He had found a man after his own heart, so also, amidst many distinguishing actions, did the comparison hold good in one remarkable particular; for as the king of Israel, after many eminent proofs of virtue, fell at anglicaeum same time into adultery and murder, weak in one, and wicked in the other, so did this prince, anglicxrum and pious in other respects, let loose the Scots, thirsting for blood against the English people, through savage barbarity, and sparing neither sex nor age, though he did his utmost in vain to prevent it; for he was more reruj reasonably interested for his niece the empress, whose party, as he supposed justly, he favored.

To these he adds Iceland, which, by some, is called the remotest Thule, in order that what a noble poet flatteringly said to the Roman Augustus, “The distant Thule shall confess thy sway,” might apply to the British Arthur. Indeed, shortly before, the monks of Clairvaux, who had been invited by a nobleman named Walter Espec and sent by abbot Rerym, of blessed memory, had arrived in the province of York, and had accepted a residence in a place now called Rievaulx though at that time a horrid and wild deserta site presented to them by that noble person; and to them the venerable Thurstan extended his pastoral favor with paternal regard.

This text is part of the Internet Medieval Source Book. When looking at the more likely theory that Newburgh was simply using a classical reference to further emphasise his point however, this would not affect his reliability as a source that much, as although the narrative he duplicated would most likely not have occurred, the fact that it is a classical reference lessons the blow somewhat as this was a common technique for historians of this period to use within their writing.

Also the famous king Baldwin, with much glory, historiq and captured Ascalon, the most flourishing and best fortified city in that province, which hitherto could not be taken by the Christians, under whose authority and power the whole of Rfrum was reduced.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The count dying in the East, his widow, in her wisdom, setting aside her eldest born, as he was indolent, and appeared to be of degenerate nature, exalted her favorite son, Theobald, to the entire inheritance; she sent Stephen, yet a lad, to the king his uncle, to be educated and advanced; and that she might not seem to have borne children solely for secular purposes, she placed Henry, her fourth son, in the monastery at Cluny.


He willed, indeed, that his firstborn, Robert, in consequence of his want of filial duty, and his rebellious disposition, should be content with the duchy of Normandy; but to his son William, with whom he was better pleased, he bequeathed the kingdom of England.

The archbishop, however, died in the very year of his apostasy, as a just punishment for his perjury, as it is believed. I learnt, from a person of unimpeachable veracity, a memorable incident connected with this man, which I cannot pass over.

Here they pitched their tents without the city, resting the army for several days; and having at length made agreement with the emperor of that city, they passed over the narrow firth, which is called the strait of St. Nicholson edsDeeds Done Beyond the Sea: But whether it was that they were less acceptable to him than to his father, or whether he was on his guard against them, from some cause, of which I am ignorant, through a superstitious precaution, rermu by certain persons, he forbade them by a proclamation, advised by certain persons, he forbade them by a proclamation, it is said to enter the church while he was being crowned, or to enter the palace while the banquet was being held after the solemnity of the coronation.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Indeed, the nature of those green children, who sprang from the earth, is too abstruse for the weakness of our abilities to fathom. A good starting point for information on William of Newburgh as well as other medieval English historians is Gransden, Antonia.

McGlinn, Philadelphia,p. He especially honoured religious men; and 29 Ibid, p. His hisyoria, however, who was regarded as his successor, and who was named after his grandfather, met with a melancholy accident when just arrived at manhood, and, with a party of young nobility, was given as a prey to the monsters of the deep.

William of Newburgh: Book One

Finally, all were so moved by this claim, that they first satisfied this living dog, as the better of the two, according to his demands, and then performed all due solemnities to the dead lion.

But, when they were nearly exhausted with hunger, and yet could relish anglicxrum species of support which was offered to them, it happened, that some beans were brought in from the field, which they immediately seized with avidity, and examined the rrum for the pulse, but not finding it in the hollow of the stalk, they wept bitterly.

In this affair William, surnamed Martel, the king’s cup-bearer, was made prisoner, who afterwards purchased his liberation by resigning the noble castle of Shireburn.

Gerald of Wales, due to never obtaining the bishopric of St. While wandering through the fields in astonishment, they were seized by the reapers, and conducted to the village, and many persons coming anflicarum see so novel a sight, they were kept some days without food.


After the celebration of the mass was finished, the king, glorious in his diadem, and with a magnificent procession, went to the banquet; but it happened that, when he was sitting down with all the assembly of the nobility, the people who were watching about the palace, began to crowd in.

When this bishop was threatened with extermination by war, if he did not pay him tribute, he replied, “God’s will be done; but from my example no one bishop shall ever become tributary to another. I will separate the elect from the reprobate, as light from darkness. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life.

One of rsrum attendants, perceiving him standing at the door, offered him a cup: Here Vincent explains that while Josephus was conveying the message of liberty and the power of Rome, Newburgh was emphasising the merciless nature of the Christians when they forced the Jewish to renounce their religion. His friends pressed him to comply, alleging that God could not possibly be offended, as he did it merely as a remedy, and not for sensual gratification.

Baldwin de Redvers, who had rebelled against him, was subjugated and banished — his affairs rreum Normandy were also conducted with spirit and success; but in the third and fourth years of his reign, evils began to multiply upon this perjured man, this breaker of the promises made at his advancement.

Internet History Sourcebooks

Robert was crushed by the weight of the divine judgment; but the other, led to repentance by God’s mercy, expiated his enormity by munificent and frequent almsgiving to the poor and by the erection of no mean monasteries. Upon this, one of the bystanders, taking the beans from the pods, offered them to the children, who seized them directly, and ate them with pleasure. William of Newburgh was an Augustinian canon who was born in and died in, or afterafter spending most of his life at the priory at Newburgh.

The first group concerned the arts of Grammar, Rhetoric, and Dialectic, the second; Geometry, Arithmetic, Astronomy and Music, and the third; Medicine and Architecture.

For he only who has not learnt the truth of history indiscreetly believes the absurdity of fable. Upon this, one of the bystanders, taking the beans from the pods, offered them to the children, who seized them directly, and ate them with pleasure. When Aldred archbishop of York, was gathered to his fathers, he was succeeded by Thomas. Constrained rather than anglicagum by the entreaties of his abglicarum, that he might not distress her, he yielded a seeming compliance.