sıcak sarımlı helisel yaylar, soğuk sarımlı helisel yaylar, külah yay, disk yay, yatak ve zigzag yayları üretim ve ihracatı yapılıyor. Bu bölümde, öncelikle helisel yaylar ile ilgili çalışmalar araştırılmış ve kısaca bahsedilmiştir. Daha sonra bu grup yayların yorulma analizleri için araştırmalar. egsantrik ağırlıkları sayesinde ayarlanabilir. Besleyicinin gövdesi taşıyıcı şaseye yükleme darbelerini absorbe eden ve titreşimi sağlayan ağır tip helisel yaylar ile .

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Helisel Yıkama

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gelisel One of the fields these usages is in moulds; pushing back the cover in order to give the energy back, which is stored by the mould while it is being closed, upon opening of the cover. In this way, the cover will be opened and the piece poured into the mould will be taken out. Rectangular section springs, which have higher rigidities than circular section springs, are preferred as the mould springs.

However, cost of these springs is high. Purpose of this study is to experimentally evaluate usability of circular section springs instead of rectangular section springs, which are preferred as the mould springs in application. The study performed for this purpose consists of seven sections.


In chapter one, general definitions have been provided. In chapter two, literature search has been made.

Batı Yay | Dünyaya esneklik katıyoruz

In this section, first, studies about helical springs have been researched and mentioned briefly. Then, researches have been made for fatigue analyses of these springs and experiment mechanisms utilized for spring fatigue experiments have been examined and results about these studies have been given.

In chapter three, first, general information about springs have been provided and then mould springs, the purpose of our study, have been mentioned. In yaylae four, fatigue analysis has been emphasized and general information has been given. In chapter five, the study performed has been addressed in detail. Helisrl usability of circular section springs instead of rectangular section springs used as mould springs is examined in the study, first of all alternative circular section spring groups that can be equivalent to the reference rectangular section springs have been determined and number of samples required has been specified prior to commencing fatigue experiments.

Three different experiment mechanisms have been considered to carry out these experiments.


Additions have been made to the existing bench for the first experiment mechanism and the other nelisel have been designed and manufactured. Data hrlisel from the experiment mechanisms have been considered the analysis results acquired from Finite Element Analysis. In chapter six, since the purpose of the study is to choose the most suitable one among the specified alternative circular section spring groups, Integer Programming has been utilized for the decision of choice and the result achieved has been given.

In chapter seven, yaylaf to the data achieved as a result of the experiments performed, the most suitable one has been determined among the circular section spring groups specified instead of rectangular section springs used as the mould springs. This result has been acquired both experimentally and theoretically and its suitability has been presented.

Contact Us Send Feedback. Today, springs are utilized in several fields. Examination on usability of circular-section springs as mould springs instead of rectangular section springs.