Esta guía para,oyecto y la ejecución de micropilotes en obras de carretera forma parte de una serie de un documento de divulgación tecnológica elaborados. See details and download book: Ebookers Free Download Guia Para El Proyecto Y La Ejecucion De Micropilotes En Obras By Aavv Fb2. Cálculo de micropilotes de cimentación y dimensionado de su longitud, según guía del Ministerio de Fomento. ESFUERZOS Y REACCIONES. Cálculo de Viga .

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Microopilotes Universidad de Alicante Spain. Chloride resistance in grout is an area of micropilotee interest, since these ions are among the most aggressive corrosion inducers in reinforcement embedded in micropiles and soil anchors, particularly in marine environments or structures in contact with high chloride- or sulfate-content water.

Nonetheless, in the earliest tests, pressurised water was observed to leak out of the cracks formed, particularly in the CEM III specimens, rendering the findings invalid. Keywords Aggregate Characterization Composite Compressive strength Concrete Durability Mechanical properties Mortar Portland cement Waste treatment cement characterization compressive strength concrete corrosion durability fly ash mechanical properties microstructure mortar physical properties.

This study, as noted earlier, aimed to analyse the behaviour of cement grout, not concrete. Spanish and European codes on micropiles 23 call for a day or the age when the micropile mmicropilotes loaded, if prior to that time compressive strength of at least 25 MPa in cylindrical specimens.

Climent Universidad de Alicante, Spain. They are used in retaining structures, bridge abutments and landside control 4.


These findings may be related to the substantial microstructural refinement attendant upon slag hydration 6728 micropipotes, in which additional C-S-H phases form gjiagiving rise to a more compact pore network. The Spanish guide for designing and micropilots micropiles in road works 2 envisages w: Their day strength is, however, lower than observed for the portland cement grouts. Nonetheless, this indirect method for calculating the diffusion coefficient obviates the beneficial effect of the higher aluminate content in CEM III grout 15 on chloride resistance.

Cylindrical specimens 10 cm in diameter and 15 cm high were moulded and then cut into disks 1 to 5 cm thick to study post-submersion water absorption and determine effective porosity. Here it was determined in cement paste specimens using the Wenner four-point test 20 described in Spanish standard UNE The aforementioned findings appear to show that the use of cements with a high blast furnace mmicropilotes content in cement grout for soil anchors and micropiles leads to a more refined microstructure in the hardened grout than observed in the portland cement-based material, although the pore volume was not observed to decline significantly.


Several studies have shown that mortars and micropjlotes prepared with cements containing blast furnace slag perform well in many applications 6 — 8particularly for structures in marine environments 9 — Contact us materconstrucc ietcc. The products formed during slag hydration induce microstructural refinement in the mortar and concrete 67 Climent Universidad de Alicante Spain.

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Two and two day specimens were tested for each type of cement and w: Three prismatic and two cylindrical specimens were tested per cement type and w: This research aimed to characterise durability-related properties and compressive strength in cement grout prepared with a commercial cement blended with blast furnace slag at different w: Despite these considerations, the difference in day strength between the two types of cement was not overly large.

All the grouts studied here also met these specifications, with the exception of the CEM I materials with a w: Slag-blended cement grout exhibits more favourable long-term durability properties than portland cement grout.

Upon conclusion of the test, the specimens were split along the centreline and the depth of water penetration was measured in each half. Albaladejo Universidad de Alicante, Spain.


Nonetheless, the effect on the in-service properties durability and mechanical strength of the slag cement grout used in special geotechnical applications such as micropiles and soil anchors has not been researched. The micdopilotes of water under pressure is a test 29 recommended in Spanish Structural Concrete Code EHE 30 to measure water permeability in concrete.

While the legislation on micropiles 1 — 3 establishes certain minimum micropilotez strength values, the codes on soil anchors 45 leave this decision to the designer’s discretion.

The post-submersion absorption values were very similar in the day specimens for the two types of cement. The code also establishes a series of maximum depth values, depending on the type of environment to which the concrete is exposed. In the CEM I grout, effective porosity was fairly low in the 2- and day specimens.


Download Online For Free Guia Para El Proyecto Y La Ejecucion De Micropilotes En Obras Pdf By Aavv

The results of this test for each type of cement and w: Although the former procedure entails a lower risk of microstructural alterations due to the lower drying temperature, its implementation calls for fairly long test times on the order of at least one month for each condition tested. The results observed for the properties related to durability studied consequently appear to indicate that the grout prepared with cement carrying a high slag content affords greater soil anchor and micropile durability than guiaa cement grout.

These results are consistent with the findings on effective porosity, electrical resistivity and post-submersion absorption and can be attributed to the more highly refined pore network in the blast furnace slag-blended material. The samples were extracted from the 1 cm thick disks. Specimen electrical resistivity was measured directly on a Proceq analyser.

Email this article Login required. Keywords Ground granulated blast-furnace slag; Cement grout; Special geotechnical applications; Durability; Compressive strength. Electrical resistivity rose with time for both types of cement studied see Figure 2denoting the progressive refinement of the pore network as a result of ongoing clinker and slag hydration 6 Electrochemical techniques for measuring metallic corrosion – Test methods for on site measurement of resistivity of concrete.

This improvement is related to the hydraulic micropiotes of blast furnace slag. Most of the grouts prepared with slag-bearing micropilotse meet the compressive strength requirements laid down in the various codes and standards for micropiles and soil anchors, whether measured on cm diameter, cm high cylindrical specimens or 4-cm square, cm deep prismatic specimens.