Viktor nikov’s insect antigravity. (‘Flight’ from the book ‘MY WORLD’ by Viktor S. Grebennikov). The introductory comment by Juri N. Cherednichenko. Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov is a naturalist, a professional entomologist, Flight – Chapter V of V. S. Grebennikov’s My World. Finally, in , Grebennikov built his gravity-plane and started flying by a noiseless aircraft, which A book called “My world” written by him in remained.

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Applied Biophysics Aether Research Laboratory. Converting acoustic energy into useful other energy forms.

Viktor Grebennikov

Crop Circles and Sound: Electro-acoustic device for creating patterns of particulate matter. Frequencies and Wavelengths of Sound.

Hells Bells – Part 2 of Effects of infrasound on people: The Sonic Weapon of Vladimir Gavreau. The Acoustics of War.

The Music of Protein Sequences. Sonic Wave upon Growth of Algae. The Shape of Sound. Tuning of host plants with vibratory songs of Nezara viridula L Heteroptera: The Octaves of Light: Therapeutic Value of Light and Color. Light and Sound Resonance Frequency Tables. Ambient Resonate Magnetic Flux Energy. Magneto-Electric Radiation and Super Light. The Amazing Magnetic Blender. Applied Scalar Wave Technology. Antony Garrard Newton Flew.


Inner Life of the Cell. John Clayton – Intelligence, Purpose and Design. Ken Hovind Debates – video clips. Kent Hovind Answering Critics.

New document reveals military mystery powers. Nature of the Universe. Resonant Frequency of Aether. Natural minerals or plants such as ocher, jade, tourmaline, etc.

An-anti-gravity-platform-of-v-s-grebennikov | Doña Chole –

Tourmaline Piezoelectric composition Rebalancing electrical potential cell membrane. Water treatment method using tourmaline Tetsujiro Kubo. In Greek, ‘Aithen’ means to burn or shine. The word ‘aethere’ was used by Romans and Greeks to mean the upper air which they regarded as pure and connected to a Sun that was driven through this aethere across the sky during the day, hence the relation to shining and burning thus luminiferous.

Aether is nothing more than a distributed physical medium permeating the entire universe, endowing it [space] with measurable physical qualities. Lorentz formulated an aether based version of special relativity, known as Lorentz Ether Theory.


Matter is made of waves. The Greek derived word Aether is defined in the. Webster Universal Dictionary as a: Up until the latter part of the last century the.

The Fundamental Discovery of. How Shape Modifies Undifferentiated Universal. Electro-acoustic device for creating patterns of particulate matter Cymatics Links Hidden World: Bioeffects of Sound Acoustic Weapons Effects of infrasound on people: Lipton Chuck Missler David L.

Blind Guides leading the Blind Jim Ostrowski Tourmaline Bio-powder: Kanase Tourmaline Piezoelectric composition Rebalancing electrical potential cell membrane Tourmaline: Up until the latter part of the last century the ‘Ether’ theory was an established sorld fact.