This speech was delivered to the Class of at the IIM, Bangalore on defining success by Subroto Bagchi CEO MindTree. I was the last child of a small-time. Go, Kiss The World book starts off with Bagchi’s story behind the title, where he recounts the last time he visited his ailing mother in hospital. I understand that it is quite late to give a book review of the autobiography of Subroto Bagchi, titled “Go Kiss the world”, as it was first published.

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This was the first time that Subroto saw electricity in houses and water coming from taps. The book is not about his company but as a part of his journey, he covered the part of MindTree days as well. Thank you for sharing the requirements with us.

Jul 29, Vamsi Sridhar rated it it was amazing Shelves: Beautiful book, Story of how a disoriented graduate nurtured himself to be a professional and actually the founder of one of the most respected and admired companies in Indian IT space.

Help us fill the void. The book has loads of learning on values, ethics, conduct and generally the life for young and established professional.

The process is what he byy ‘leading from the future’.

Go Kiss the World: Life Lessons For The Young Professional by Subroto Bagchi

We will get back to you shortly. Sheer simplicity with which Mr. The lesson which taught them to treat small people with more respect as according to their father, it is more important to respect your subordinates than your seniors. There was no electricity in the whole district, and Bagchi had never seen a single fan running in it. When she was young, she has garlanded Subhash Chandra Bose and had learned to spin khadi og using swords and daggers. How does bagchi’s mother infuence him?


What we want to draw from it is up to us. Great leaders are people who can quickly and genuinely say that they are sorry.

GO KISS THE WORLD – SUBROTO BAGCHI Reviews, Summary, Story, Price, Online, Fiction, Nonfiction

There was a time in my life when I used to lay my hands on books as if there is not another day in life. Yb many ways, our work during the two days jiss like travelling ‘through the U’ as Scharmer tells you – an experience of ‘sensing’ in the beginning as you travel down the U, ‘presencing’ as you settle at the bottom and then the experience of ‘realizing’ as you move up the right side of the U.

Koraput was a district without electricity and water did not use to run through taps. The tiger moans that he is too old to hunt and kill and is now at the end of his life.

Who was bagchi Aug 10, By: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: His first book, The High Performance Entrepreneur was released in as a Bqgchi Portfolio publication to great critical acclaim. Communication is a key requirement to be an effective leader in a large organization.

In the book, the author has stated bu first rule for managing is listening. Its interesting to read how he got such a varied experience in Operations, Sales, Marketing, General M “Go Kiss the world” by Subroto Bagchi is nice book to read not only for person from IT industry but for person from any other professional world. Once you go through the chapters you will get instances on mentorship, leadership, how to manage seniors and your colleagues, as well as how to learn from them.


All in all, Mr.

In the end, Subroto says that success to him is about the vision and the ability to rise above pain. In the speech, Subroto is telling the audience the principles taught to him by his wubroto, the lessons that define success and in his childhood, Subroto Bagchi and his brothers were not allowed to call their driver by his name due to one of the lessons taught to their father.

Dec 06, Nidhi rated it it was ok Shelves: What updates do you want to see in this article? A narration by Bagchi about his life from which he drew out the lessons that he had learned along the way. Never think of retiring,’ he repeated.

Go Kiss the World: Life Lessons For The Young Professional

You become an interesting person, because you have lots of stories to tell. May 08, Naga Vishnukanth Irukulapati rated it liked it. Being a successful entrepreneur, Subroto Bagchi has become a business author and has written a book of the same name, directing his teachings to the whole world.