Poetics of Relation · Rhizome (philosophy) ·. Influences[show]. Aimé Césaire · Frantz Fanon ·. Influenced[show]. Barbara Cassin ·. Édouard Glissant (21 September – 3 February ) was a French writer, poet. In Poetics of Relation, Édouard Glissant sets himself a project that is both immense and ineluctable. If, as Glissant supposes, we cannot help. EDOUARD GLISSANT. Poetics of Relation. translated fry Betsy Wing. Ann Arbor. THE liNivERSITr OF MICHIGAN PREss.

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Quand les murs tombent. Edouard Glissant was born in Saint-Marie, Martinique in to a family of five children. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Amy rated it liked it Nov 20, He is central not only to the burgeoning field of Caribbean studies, but also to the newly flourishing literary scene in the French West Indies.

This lends to the experience of the slaves on the ship as they were confined to an overcrowded, filthy, relatio diseased existence among other slaves, all there against their will. Edouard Glissant, in his text Poetics of Relation, finds it impossible and limiting to attempt to grasp the world, or all its peoples, in any type of system, or to simply assimilate all working classes into one universal, political melting pot of humanity Glissant This “relation” that Glissant discusses through his critical work conveys a “shared knowledge”.

In Glissant’s view, we come to see that relation in all its gliissant, listening, connecting, and the parallel consciousness of self and surroundings—is the key to transforming mentalities and reshaping societies.

We cry our cry of poetry. Some of the metaphors of local identity Glissant favored–the hinterland or lack of itthe maroon or runaway slavethe creole language–proved lasting and influential. Cathy Kroll rated it it was amazing Glisssant 20, The concept was created from a general discontent with the French system of assimilation, which did not allow differences within a national sameness. This poem also highlights an arguable communal feeling through shared relationship to the abyss of personal identity.


InGlissant was chosen as finalist for the Nobel Prize in Literature; unfortunately for him, the writer Derek Walcott won by one vote.

Édouard Glissant – Wikipedia

Content in this edit is translated from the existing German Wikipedia article at [[: Born in Martinique inGlissant earned a doctorate from the Sorbonne. I do glissajt know but can sense why this is. Bradley rated it really liked it Sep 27, Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Sep 29, Tonia rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Quotes from Poetics of Relation. In Poetics of RelationGlissant turns the concrete particulars of Caribbean reality into a complex, energetic vision of a world in transformation. All of Glissant’s primary images in this poem elicit the feeling of endlessness, misfortune, and ambiguity, which were arguably the future existence of the slaves on ships to “unknown land”.

Mies, Maria August 9, While his glidsant novel portrays the political climate in s Martinique, through the story of a group of young revolutionaries, his subsequent work focuses on questions of language, identity, space, history, and knowledge and knowledge production.

Rather, through the relations between peoples, the process mixes these languages and creates something new, unique and localized to the situation.

As such, it is a perilous task to attempt to pin down his theory of Relation into a concise summary. InGlissant, determined to continue his studies, left his natal island for the first time and set out for Glissxnt.

Glissant applies it to creolization where roots meet and share cultural bounds to form an identity.

Poetics of Relation

This singular element distances hybridization from creolization ; the former indicates an expectable effect contrary to the latter. Marie rated it really liked it Jul 12, A really intriguing take on the history of Western literature among other thingsand a proposal for a different way of seeing, telling, and living. Reading chapters out of joint.

In Poetics of RelationGlissant turns the concrete particulars of Caribbean reality into a complex, energetic vision of a world in transformation. Upon losing exchange value, slaves were expelled overboard, into the abyss of the sea, into another unknown, far from their origins or known land. As his translator Betsy Wing notes, Glissant constantly destabilises French, creating new linguistic formulations in order to mimic the transformations of a living language and the collisions of culture that he sees as productive of Relation.


This process, rhizomatic in its movements, is interdependent on the relations between people, bridging the abyss of difference that separates humans.

The keys for me are: Dec 20, Matt rated it really liked it. University of Michigan Press, The University of Michigan Press.

In the excerpt from Poetics of Relation, opetics The Open Boat”, Glissant’s imagery was particularly compelling when describing the slave experience and the linkage between a slave and the homeland and the slave and the unknown. By order of the French president, General De Gaulle, Glissant was arrested, forbidden to reside in the West Indies, and was sentenced to administrative detention in France until the situation in the colonies calmed down.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Relation” denotes consecution, “creolizations, errantry” denotes relation.

Édouard Glissant

And for this reason, opacity has the radical potentiality for social movements to challenge and subvert glussant of domination. Glissant adapts post-Lacanian theory to the contemporary global milieu in a number of useful, intersectionally-minded ways. Beautifully, Glissant leaves behind the decrepit vocabulary of the sterile paradigm, and invents concepts logically parallel to those in other fields–like relations to relativity–in order to observe Caribbean and global communities in a fresh way.

Paris, Editions du Dragon, coll. Nov 17, janet rated it it was amazing Shelves: