HERE I am, an old man in a dry month,. Being read to by a boy, waiting for rain. I was neither at the hot gates. Nor fought in the warm rain. Nor knee deep in the. If any notion remained that in the poems of Eliot was sentimentally contrasting a resplendent past with a dismal present, “Gerontion” should have helped to. A commentary on a classic Eliot poem ‘Gerontion’ is notable for being the only English poem in T. S. Eliot’s second volume of poetry (the.

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History is the whirlwind, for history is of the world, and history like the world destroys all that dares the test of matter and time. The tiger springs in the new year. The difficulty of maintaining the illusion of an “I” who speaks becomes greater as “Gerontion” proceeds, for example, in the fifth stanza with its sequence of sentences beginning with the verb “Think,” which continues into the next stanza. This passage is crucial to understand “Gerontion,” for it identifies the curse that has brought all these houses Greek, Jewish, Christian to ruin; this curse is a mentality that isolates intelligence from passion and from belief.

From Harmony of Dissonances: The Church, furthermore, is occupied by desiccated and dying tenants housing dull and shriveled thoughts; the churchyard is parched and, literally as well as figuratively, packed with dry bones, dry stones, dry excreta. Against them is set the “word within a word, unable to speak a word”–the innocent Redeemer, swaddled now in the darkness of the world. He that takes the sea “and rolls it about the swaddled bands of darkness,” to come thus into clouts, Himself.

From his draughty windows Gerontion looks up a barren hill: Yet the Word exists; it is only history which cannot find Him, history with a positivistic conception of the universe, a deterministic view of causation, a pragmatic notion of morals.


Eliot and the Dialectic of Modernism.

He argues that Gerontion contemplates the “paradoxical recovery of freedom through slavery and grace through sin”. Univ of Massachusetts Press p. But Eliot does not seek to make this allusion solely about the Treaty and a specific moment in history; instead, like the very phenomenon of a hall of mirrors, the meaning of the phrase glimmers with multiple meanings, with the poem relating not just to this point in history but to all history, all georntion.

This stanza relocates readers, giving them a far more inclusive vantage point.

Gerontion by T. S. Eliot: Critical Analysis

Portrait of a Lady: The rejection of Christ by his brothers in blood led to an expansion of the house of Israel. The Love Song of J. EliotEric Whitman Sigg describes the poem as “a portrait of religious disillusion and despair”, and suggests that the poem, like “The Love Song of J.

Beauty is replaced by terror, terror not of old age’s ravages the physical decay but terrors of the truth gsrontion in inquisition” that when physical passion can no longer be expressed elioy will be nothing left of the love between them.

This poem helps to point up the continuity of Eliot’s thinking, for Gerontion is a Fisher King figure without the framework elito the myth. James Longenbach argues that these lines show that Gerontion is unable to extract the spiritual meaning of the Biblical text because he is unable to understand words in a spiritual sense: Morning at the Window: Summary and Analysis Rhapsody on a Windy Night: Alfred Prufrock” in Gerontin in Like Us On Facebook.

Benson’s life of Fitzgerald supplies the main setting, the “waiting for rain”, the boy, the blindness, even the housekeeper making tea. The principle reference here is to Sir Epicure Mammon in Ben Jonson’s The Alchemist who, though old, dwells on the gwrontion pleasures of food “pungent sauces” and sex, which he hopes to obtain through the alchemist’s aid.


I an old man, A dull head among windy spaces.

There is a connection between Gerontion and Eliot’s understanding of F. Portrait of a Lady: The beauty of the poem lies in the way Eliot has so boldly used his source material.

Gerontion by T. S. Eliot – Poems | Academy of American Poets

Spring both stirs lust and answers lust. Unnatural vices Are fathered by our heroism. Nasreen Ayaz argues that in elit fourth movement of the poem, Gerontion shows that his loss of faith in Christianity has resulted in an emotional sterility to go along with the physical. The sentences may be in the imperative mood. It is as if Eliot had moved decisively towards despair.

Anyone of any race whatsoever who would accept Christ in faith was adopted into what the Bible calls the new Israel, gegontion Christian Church.

Gerontion by T. S. Eliot: Critical Analysis

Critical Analysis Journey of the Magi: As a critic also, he had an enormous impact on contemporary literary taste, propounding views that, after his conversion to orthodox Christianity in the late thirties, were increasingly based in social and religious conservatism. Firstly, there is a fusion of individual humans and humanity.

Andrewes is talking about the logos, the Word within the word. Think Neither fear nor courage saves us. The body of Christ is a house apart in “Gerontion”; it also stood in a dry and windy land, but instead of decaying in the general aridity, it was arrested in full strength and destroyed. Analysis The Hollow Men: In that stanza he remembers a former mistress and regrets that he no longer has the ability to interact with her on a physical level.