The Project Gutenberg EBook of Mauprat, by George Sand This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 77 by George Sand. Mauprat by George Sand. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Having never read George Sand before, I had no idea what her Once she is free of Roche-Mauprat, she insists that she cannot possibly.

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Still, there is enough on the pages for me to see some of the larger patterns behind the story. Everything goes; the principal takes all their capital, just as the interest has taken all their income. This is one of the most intriguing and observant and philosophically confounding books I have ever read. People would impose on them every day and use their money for bad ends; whereas proud and hard-working day-labourers might be in a state of real distress without any one being able to discover the fact.

Jan 14, Sugar rated it really liked it Shelves: When I came into the world the only living member of the younger branch was Monsieur Hubert de Mauprat, known as the chevalier, because he belonged to the Order of the Knights of Malta; a man just as good as his cousin was bad.

Well, all this is in spite of myself, as you will see. As this would suggest, the novel is a romance. Sand herself had a fascinating private life which would encourage the supposition that she supported the feminist movements of the day: It was easy enough for the Mauprats to pervert these poor folk; they feigned a friendly interest in them to mark their difference from the other nobles in the province whose manners still retained some of the haughtiness of their ancient power.

It will soon pass off. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The hidalgo said nothing; he raised his hat as usual; then sitting down he turned pale and shut his eyes.

The abbe sat down quite close to me, and I gave a shout and seized him by the legs. Also scandalous was Sand’s smoking tobacco in public; neither peerage nor gentry had yet sanctioned georgw free indulgence of women in such a habit, especially in public though Franz Liszt’s paramour Marie D’Agoult affected this as well, smoking large cigars.


Mauprat by George Sand

When she spoke to me, I seemed to behold two persons in her, the old and the new; and I found that, so far from having lost her beauty, she had attained ideal perfection. It was a sudden realization of all the horrors which my mother had foreshadowed when speaking of her execrable father-in-law and his brigands of sons. Close mobile search navigation Article navigation.

geoege The sham poor owe me a grudge because I do not let myself be duped by them; and there are perverse and worthless people who think one is always doing too much for others, and never enough for them. Wasn’t sure about this one at first.

There are souls who die out, after burning with unsurpassable moral beauty and grandeur, without ever having found a way, and even without ever having felt the need, of revealing themselves to others.

Most users should sign in with their email address. We entered the park, and while crossing it, Maupraat explained the change which had come over his habitation and his life.

While their well-beloved and trusty poachers supplied the house with game, geore levied illegal taxes on the small farms in the neighbourhood.

Mauprat, by George Sand : XVI

Citing articles via Google Scholar. The good chevalier, who had waked with a start, stared at us in astonishment, his body bent forward and his elbow resting on his knee; then he said:.

Mauprat was adapted into a silent film with the same title by French director Jean Epstein in He would then have them led home by geprge men in the middle of the night, all dead drunk, torches in hand, and making the forest resound with ribald songs.

The very isolation of the houses was favourable to the evil. When we arrived near Varenne we alighted gworge the post-chaise and, ordering the driver to proceed by the longest road to Saint—Severe, took a short cut through the woods. We were now at the end of our walk.

You would never have worried your master in this way. That may have been viewed as the the case when the novel was written, but between that, the unlikable characters, and Bernard’s lust for his cousin this book lost me entirely. Dand, leaving the rest, and declaring he would have nothing to do with lawyers, he did not even wait for the funeral, but took me by the collar and flung me on to the crupper of his horse, saying: Hubert de Mauprat, on hearing of my birth, begged me of my parents, undertaking to make me his heir if he were allowed absolute control over my education.


Sanv seems to punish Edmee for being so free.

Mauprat (Heinemann)

Jan 24, Lauren rated it really liked it. And Majprat took frustrated issue with the scene which triggers the final, culminatory phase of the novel. Pour me out a glass of Spanish wine; for I feel a cold shiver running through my body. Then he examined me from head to foot, and seemed to be wondering at the change in my appearance, when Marcasse arrived at the door.

We get the younger Bernard in all his unadulterated charm: George Sand is a storyteller, and a good one, who manages to make her points without becoming pedantic.

Shame is stronger than conscience. Jul 12, Cynthia Hart added it. Books by George Sand.

Yet in this premature paleness and in this somewhat unhealthy thinness there seemed to be an indefinable charm; her eyes, more sunken, but inscrutable as ever, showed less pride and more melancholy than of old; her mouth had become more mobile, and her smile was more delicate and less contemptuous.

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Mauprat by George Sand – Free Ebook

I love George Sand — used to teach her at university. The portrayal of the pirates is also well done and Bernard’s quick decision to act against their will and plots caused me to fall in love with the complexity of Edmee and Bernard before the first sequence was completed.

But, having had a large family, endowed like himself with a goodly number of vices, he finally found himself pestered and besieged by creditors who, instead of being frightened by his threats, as of old, were themselves threatening to make him suffer. The name given to this dark ravine and mahprat castle is Roche-Mauprat.

One of your modern authors, I fancy, has said this in other words and much better. At first they gave me a georg such as they would give to a lost dog in time of drought; and with a vexation I could scarce conceal I noticed the hatred and distrust on all their faces.