George Nicholas Papanicolaou was born in Kimi on the island of Euboea. It is near the southern town of Karystos known for the ancient physician Diokles of. Even at a young age, George Papanicolaou envisioned himself striving to live his life out on some large, important, but as yet undefined stage. After receiving his. Georgios Nikolaou Papanikolaou was a Greek pioneer in cytopathology and early cancer George Papanikolaou In he moved to Miami, Florida, to develop the Papanicolaou Cancer Research Institute at the University of Miami, but.

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Papanicolaou’s studies in clinical cytology were reinforced by new ways of examining disease in general, and by specific medical breakthroughs. He played violin at restaurants, and was a clerk for a Greek-language newspaper, while Mary worked as a tailor.

A dictionary of medical eponyms [online] [Accessed February 19, ]. In countries where Pap smears are routine clinical practice, cervical cancer rates have dropped dramatically, and the screening test is credited as one of the greatest life-saving techniques in medical practice. In he emigrated to the U. That year he had geirge a study of vaginal fluid in women, in hopes of observing cellular changes over the course of a menstrual cycle.

He described the importance of a distinct cellular pattern corresponding to cervical intraepithelial neoplastic lesions.

Sackett, Evidence-based Medicine — pxpanicolaou Apr 31 – E. Parthenon Publishing Group; He needed to avoid wasting animals by killing them at the wrong time so he did the meticulous studies and invented a method of doing it. Individuals Law and crime Manufacture and trade Media and performing arts Medicine and health. Papanicolaou’s findings were of great benefit to the fledgling field of endocrinology. Article contents Bibliography See also. He thus became known for his invention of the Papanicolaou test, commonly known as the Pap smear or Pap testwhich is used worldwide for the detection and prevention of cervical cancer nichloas other cytologic diseases of the female reproductive system.

Inthe US Postal Service honoured him with a commemorative cent postage nicholaa.

Georgios Papanikolaou

Recent papers have proven that Babes’s method was different from Papanicolaou’s and that the paternity of Pap test belongs solely to Papanicolaou. American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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Any sale of the physical original does not include or convey the Copyright or any right comprised in the copyright. In he moved to Miami, Floridato develop the Papanicolaou Cancer Research Institute [3] [4] [5] at the University of Miamibut died there on 19 February [6] [7] prior to its opening. Printed from American National Biography. Papanicolaou, born in Greece, undertook his medical training at the University of Athens, where he earned his medical degree in Archived from the original on 6 Georgd A British researcher had shown that cancer cells could be identified in lung cancer back in the early s.

After serving for two years as second lieutenant in the medical corps of the Greek army during the Balkan War, fighting nicbolas Turks, he visited the United States, and when World War I broke out in bicholas, he decided to stay there. His capable wife Mary managed both laboratory and household affairs, even functioning as an experimental subject in some of his studies. Two nicyolas bear his name at Cornell; he authored four books and over articles; he was papnicolaou for the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine; and, was awarded the United Nations Prize in After serving in the army, he joined his father’s medical practice for awhile before pursuing a career in academic medicine.

Papanicolaou obtained American citizenship in As it cost little, was easy to perform and could be interpreted accurately, the Pap smear found widespread use and resulted in a significant decline in the incidence of cervical cancer. Papanicolaou first reported in that he could recognise cancer cells but the importance nichoals his findings was not generally accepted and he abandoned the work for some years.

However, complying with his father’s wish, he continued his studies at the medical faculty and received the M. With his wife and future research companion, he then went to the United States of America. Atlas of Exfoliative Cytology. George Papanicolaou Biography [Accessed February 24, ].

George Nicholas Papanicolaou |

After nearly a half-century of research at Cornell, Papanicolaou retired with his beloved wife to Florida. At this leading research institution, he worked with Professor Ernst Haeckel, one of the first great supporters of Darwinism. They landed at Ellis Island on October 19, with just enough money for their visas and speaking no English. A medical eponym is thus any word related to medicine, whose name is derived from a person. If you, or anybody close to you, is affected, or believe to be affected, by any condition mentioned here: He was thrilled when he was able to discern differences between the cytology of normal and malignant cervical cells upon a simple viewing of swabs smeared on microscopic slides.


Cytopathology, Cancer September 29, From Nicholsa, the free encyclopedia.

George Papanicolaou: Cytopathology, Cancer

In —with a new wife and no firm prospects—Papanicolaou set sail for America. Pap-test and Babes method are not one and the same. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. The diagnostic value of vaginal smears in carcinoma of the uterus An eponym is a word derived from the name of a person, whether real or fictional. Six years later he received his PhD from the University of MunichGermany, after he had also spent time at the universities of Jena and Freiburg.

The study of science and medicine in Greece goes back as far as the history of medicine and was the home, in the late s, of Nikolas and Maria Papanicolaou a physician on the island of Euboea, Greece. In an attempt to test his theories in humans, Papanicolaou undertook a study of human vaginal smears.

Subscribe Access to the full content requires a subscription. At a medical conference in Battle Creek, Michigan, Papanicolaou introduced his low-cost, easily performed screening test for early detection of cancerous and precancerous cells. This was the first screening test to diagnose cervical and uterine cancer.

It is near the southern town of Karystos known for the ancient physician Diokles of Karystos Diocles of Carystus said to have been “second only to Hippocrates. He first reported that uterine cancer could be diagnosed by means of a vaginal smear inbut the importance of his work was not recognized until the publication, together with Herbert Frederick Traut —of Diagnosis of Uterine Cancer by the Vaginal Smear in When his mother died inhe returned to Greece and served as an army physician during the Balkan War.