GDW – Games Modules, folder Classic Traveller – A00 – The Imperial Fringe Sector , , KB. file, Classic. Traveller’s humble beginning saw the game introduced in little black 5½ x 8¾ . for use with the continuing adventures being published by GDW for Traveller. Traveller RPG 10 Great lots. GDW Snapshot Boxed Set + Miniatures & Extras! $ Buy It Now. Free Shipping. Excellent expansion book on personal.

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An Introduction to Traveller “Introduction to Traveller is a travller to the world traveoler Traveller, written especially with the beginner in mind. Traveller RPG 10 Great lots. Core Rule Books Book 1: The Kinunir is a detailed adventure for Traveller characters, complete with four distinct situations, an array of rumors to lead the characters on, and deck plans and details for an Imperial Battle Cruiser. X-Boat routes marked with highlighter on Deneb and Corridor maps. Copyright – Far Future Enterprises.

A character can be civilian, military, or noble, a young cadet or a tried-and-true veteran, each with strengths and weaknesses.

Now Travellers can embark on an adventure through the Solomani Rim, and never be sure when they will hear the signal, or need to send it” In addition, twelve separate chapters each contain forty pre-generated examples of the characters; these listings allow random, fast selection of such characters for patron or other encounters where necessary in Traveller situations.

Challenge Travelper 74, A character can be human, robot, alien, or of a genetically engineered species. Each rule system has its own task mechanic for resolving character actions. As a result, equipment lists are heavy on vehicles, sensor equipment, communicators, rations, personal armorand weapons. Freebooting encounters with the wolves of space.


Series: Classic Traveller Main Books

High Guard, created for the interstellar naval adventurer and referee. It is complex enough to be able to generically represent most starships used in role-playing games, and flexible enough to support custom add-ons to the system.

And since high technology is available, cybernetic implants and non-sentient robots typically also show up in equipment lists, as well as artifacts from ancient, vanished technological civilizations. List of Traveller Books. The prevailing theory is that usually the most efficient way to stop someone is with kinetic energy e.

Equipment typically emphasizes wilderness exploration, hazardous environments, and combat. The Solomani Rim forms the setting for many of the published Traveller adventures and makes an excellent background for any campaign.

Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Volume One in the Classic Traveller Reprint series contains all nine original rules books. Forms and Charts “For players and referees to record complete Traveller campaign data. The New Era was ranked 3rd in the reader poll of Arcane magazine to determine the 50 most popular roleplaying games of all time.

If both adventures in this book are played, The Chamax Plague should generally be played first. Related publisher series Machine of Death Podcast. These characteristics are typically generated with a roll of two six-sided dice. Now this classif series is again available For now, avoid forcing the issue with mere “lists” of works possessing an arbitrary shared characteristic, such as relating to a particular place.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Characters are described by six primary characteristics: These include the Solomanihumans emigrated from Earth with the last few thousand years, the Vilanihumans transplanted from Earth tens of thousands of years ago by the Ancients see below who founded the Classc Imperium, and the Clxssicpsychic humans ruled by psionically-gifted nobles.


To create a series or add a work to it, go to a “work” page. The Traveller5 Core Rules book is a rules mechanics reference, pulled from Traveller adventures and toolbox material from supplements.

Traveller (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

Scouts by Marc Miller. Exotic Atmospheres “This special supplement provides a more detailed and comprehensive look at exotic, insidious, and corrosive atmospheres. In the Solomani Rim, lawbreakers are sent to the Imperial prison on Newcomb, to work in the hazardous pitchblende mines. Trillion Credit Squadron “Build giant gxw fleets and fight monumental naval battles with Trillion Credit Squadrons.

Contents include over 25 different ship classes ranging in size from 50 tons totons. Deck plans; dispositions of all the Lightning-class cruisers. Plus, twelve identification cards suitable for a variety of player and non-player characters, and the Imperial calendar. Scouts “Now, special materials for Traveller Scout characters and activities, including: This area of hundreds of star systems, shown on the accompanying map, is to be the setting for this introductory adventure into the universe of Traveller.

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Safari Ship “An amateur scientist obsessed with his science ckassic hiring adventurers to accompany his expedition to a distant planet in search of a rare and extremely beautiful animal.

The Imperial Data Recovery System is a computer program published by FASA in as a play aid to speed up bookkeeping for Travellerand assist with sector maps, character and ship records, accounting, and encounters.