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Table of contents Table Of Contents Internet Mail Sending Short Mail Sending Communication Types And Communication Equipment Communication Equipment Applicability Map Fx 0n Plcs Combination Of Communication Equipment block Diagram Introduction Of Related Manuals Communication Equipment option Related Options For Communication Procedures Before Fxn1 Communication Type Applicability In Plc Products Whose Production Was Stopped System Configuration And Equipment Selection Selecting Cables And Terminal Resistors Connecting Terminal Resistors Test Run communication Test Cautions On Program Creation Practical Program Examples Setting Program For Slave Station no.


Checking Setting Contents And Errors Checking Error Codes Details Of Related Devices Corresponding Station Number Settings Status [d] Slave Station Quantity Setting [d] Number Of Retries [d] Maximum Link Scan Time [d] [d] Programming Tool Applicability System Configuration And Selection Configuration Of Each Group Optical Fiber Cable Creating Programs For Master Station Fxn Programs For Slave Station High Speed Parallel Link Mode Program For Master Station Checking Sequence Program Parallel Link On [m] Applicable Device Ranges Selecting Connection Method Bc Cables And Terminal Resistors rs Connection Diagram For Rsc Control Procedures And Setting Methods Important Points In Computer Link Sum Check Code Control Procedure Format 1 Control Procedure Format 4 Time-out Time Setting Transfer Time In Transfer Sequence Transfer Data In Character Area Pc Command [reads Plc Model Name] Gw Fx11n [offers Global Function] Control Procedures In On-demand Function Tt Command [loop-back Test] On-demand Error Flag vx1n And M] Communication Format Setting [d And D] Station Number Settings [d And D] Dx1n Code Table Selecting Cables And Connection Devices A, F And V Series fr-a5nr E Fx1b fr-e7tr Connection Devices rj45 Connector And Distributor Wiring A Shielding Wire class-d Grounding Connector In Inverter For E Series pu Connector For E Series fr-e7tr Communication Setting In Inverter Parameter Setting Method reference Cautions On Setting Vd Fx 2n And Fx 2nc Plcs Cautions On Programming Second Parameter Specification Codes Practical Example 2 Contents Of Related Devices E And D Series Communication Error Latch [m] Error Code [d] Error Occurrence Step Number Latch [d] Freqrol Inverter Parameter List Data Communication Specifications Number Of Transfer Data Communication Setting For Rs Instruction Communication Setting For Rs2 Instruction Details Of Related Devices rs Instruction Receiving Complete Flag [m] Serial Communication Error Code [d] Communication Format Setting [d] Amount Of Data Already Fx1 [d] Operation Mode Display [d] Details Of Related Devices rs2 Fs1n Carrier Detection Flag [m And M] Bbd Memory bfm Buffer Memory List Connection To Plc From And To Instructions Operation Of Control Line Practical Program Examples G Caution On Selection When Using bd Or adp Selecting Connection Cables