The exhibition’s title, Traces upon the Wunderblock, refers to Sigmund Freud’s concept of the unconscious. According to Freud, the wunderblock represents the . Wunderblock is an exhibition of new work at the Freud Museum in London, 6 March- 26 May, , by artist Emma Smith, drawing on original. FOR BOOKING, REMIXING, MASTERING REQUESTS: [email protected] org *** The term of Wunderblock is related to the concept by Siegmund Freud.

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The wax board akin to the unconscious, the place where these experiences are copied and indefinitely preserved.

Video, texts, models and photographs are used to docuent two participatory artworks, in this display the documents assert their autonomy and become works of art themselves. A Thing which was lost, which could have never been directly inscribed, but is only inscribed through its conversion.

Wunderblock | Hidden Persuaders

Although avant-garde artists have often turned to the artworks of individuals who evade established categories of art history, the Prinzhorn Collection had a particular influence on the theorization and practice of automatic writing and drawing undertaken by the Surrealists.

Recent publications include “Matrix and Metamorphosis,” Differences 4, no. Her work looks in wunserblock at hidden forms of connection: The exhibition will be accompanied by an exciting public programme, which will include events tailored to families, teenagers and broad adult audiences. Based at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, the collection is comprised of drawings made by psychiatric patients who suffered social exclusion, psychic illness, and isolation-experiences that are common, yet wnderblock erased from collective memory.


Wunderblock: A New Exhibition at the Freud Museum

These images are never fully erased, however, a faint trace from each image is permanently etched on the wax board. The artists operate with different narratives and backgrounds using the possible freuv inherent in memory, gathering the traces and creating fields for various readings: These preoccupations with early development and patterns of relating were amplified by recent experiences of war and totalitarianism.

This is the only way the collective traumatic experience freu find its place in the course of history.

A Thing of the realwhich was not directly inscribed in the unconscious, but converted to a signifier and only then retroactively inscribed. The artists were invited to create new visions and dynamics suggested by the wunderb,ock shown in this exhibition. According to Freud, the wunderblock represents the way in which the psyche records material. Nevertheless, when we talk about humans, memories do not function in the same exact way.

Once the cellophane is pulled away, the images drawn on the tablet disappear. She has a social practice and creates public platforms for experimentation, research and action through freuv events and installations. Children at the Jackson Nursery, Vienna, The child draws on the screen with a plastic pencil leaving marks on the wax board.

Wunderblock :

Yoram Kaniuk Photograph by Marcel Molle. A two-fold process, which wundfrblock sometimes at the risk of losing its touch with the original traumatic core. For most of us have not witnessed, nor survived, nor fought against, nor died while fighting, these forces.

Funding The Prinzhorn Collection: People such as the artist Alfred Kubin and the sociologist Georg Simmel came to visit the collection, but its works became more widely known, particularly to artists, with the publication of Prinzhorn’s Bildnerei der Geisteskranken Artistry of the Mentally Ill in Prinzhorn’s plan for a museum was not realized during his lifetime.


The Drawing Center’s exhibition, which consisted of over two hundred drawings and books, will mark the last time that the collection will be lent prior to the opening in of a museum at the University of Heidelberg dedicated to the collection. These include growing concerns surrounding the mental health of children and young people, and their rights and agency in society.


Traces upon the Wunderblock is made possible, in part, through a generous grant from The Howard Gilman Freid. As soon as the sheet is lifted up, the image above disappears, while traces of it remain on the wax surface underneath.

Such ideas were taken up in diverse ways, but could be used to put women under pressure to return to and stay in the home, just as soldiers were returning from war. The Prinzhorn Collection was assembled during an era of new research into mental illness and Dr.

Your email address will not be published. Freud argues that the mechanism of memory functions in the same way. For the real can be made present, only in its absence, when it is eclipsed by the signifier.