1 A rare talent for translating between physical intuition and mathematics; 2 Frank Znidarsic; 3 Frank Znidarsic interview by Blue Science (Youtube); 4 Frank. View frank znidarsic’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. frank has 2 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn. Control of the Natural Forces – Frank Znidarsic (PDF) – Shows the derivation of a velocity fundamental to Planck’s Constant, and shows the fundamental source.

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Conversely, a ball bouncing off of the earth is an example of a non-impedance matched system.

Science Journals – Papers written by Frank Znidarsic

Znidarsic noticed that cold fusion reactions proceed in a coherent domain of nanometres on being excited with energy input in the range of about 10 13 14 Hz. Therefore, in any argument, examine the assumptions: Frank’s book breaks down as follows:. All comments are moderated. The book, “Energy, Cold Fusion, and Antigravity” is of a fundamental scientific importance.

All of the energy is transferred at once without bounce. Niels Bohr — Whenever a true theory appears, it will be its own evidence.

Ralph Waldo Emerson — Since the frrank invaded Relativity, I do not understand it myself anymore: Max Planck — Euclid taught me that without assumptions there is no proof. Albert Einstein — Physics is mathematical not because we know so much about the physical world, but because we know so little: Tsolkas, Christos Turanyanin, Dragan N.

Mass is generally considered as a given ,for me this is not the case as a force is driving the creation of mass. Frajk “special case” is determined by the restriction or not from one point of view to “local” or “non-local”, or, from the other ‘classical’ or recent znidarsicc point of view, an expansion from a “local” to a “non-local” point of view, which, in part, is the route we’ve already taken to QM.


For those who get intimidated fran equations, please skip over the box, as it just adds corroborative details in subatomic vibrations to make the transitional velocity V t credible. Levy, Joseph Lewis, Gilbert N.

Similar authors to follow

My books are listed on the author page. The strength of the restoring force is directly proportional to the square of the displacement of the particle from its rest position, i. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Available for download now. In essence, the energy of the photon is given by Equation znidarsi where Q is the elementary charge, and e o is the electric permittivity of free space.

Frank Znidarsic

Coleman, Marcus Compton, Arthur H. Lastly, the part I do disagree with is that there is even the existence in our universe at this time of a gravitomagnetic force-field. Idato, Domenico Mico Illingworth, K. The forces slip into another configuration.

Mae-Wan Ho and others. If you play by ear, Midi Staff will help you to learn how to read music. Get to Know Us. String theory hits the closest to the mark in that gravity gauge bosons are closed strings znjdarsic bound to a membrane as the other bosons are. The velocity of 1. The stimulation of a quantum system at the dimensional frequency of 1. Electrical engineer and physicist Frank Znidarsic has been investigating new sources of energy for twenty years following the trail of cold fusion and antigravity research.


Michael Clarjen-Arconada Comment left 12th September The earth does not move at the speed of the bouncing ball and the ball gives up energy in a series of progressivity smaller bounces. Rainbow And The Worm, The: The fine-structure constant, ais a fundamental physical constant or coupling constant characterizing the strength of the electromagnetic interaction introduced by theoretical German physicist Arnold Sommerfeld inwho found that it determined the splitting or fine-structure of the hydrogen spectral lines.

Einstein rejected the Copenhagen interpretation and believed to his dying day that the theory of quantum mechanics is not complete. Learn more at Author Central. This is the process of quantum transition.

The Z Theory of Everything

When the speed of light in the electronic structure of the atom equals the speed of sound in the nucleus, energy transfer can frsnk without loss at percent efficiency. We have reviewed cold fusion experiments extensively beginning four years ago, and most recently in connection with its possible commercialisation [15] Cold Fusion Ready for Commercial Production?

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