Format Ddst – Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Fill Formulir Ddst Pdf, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax Not the form you were looking for? Search By Safarotul Hidayah in FORMULIR DDST II. The calculated percentiles for each item were used in graphing the DDST-SL in the same format as DDST-II. Each item/milestone is represented by a bar.

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She also formag capable of lifting her from a flat surface through to 90 degrees. Please see Appendix B in order to view the chart. Since she is able to feed herself finger foods, slicing bananas or string cheese would be a great option for snacks.

When Cassandra was asked if she says either name it was reported that Jordyn ddsst both. Upon placing a toy on a chair in front of Jordyn she was unable to pull herself to a standing position to obtain the toy. The pool has a locked fence surrounding it and she is never allowed to be outside unless an adult is present.


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Mar 30, interpretasi hasil test dari ddst ii Anak dapat melakukan semua item yang di minta dengan baik sehingga anak dinyatakan lulus P.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Cassandra should be anticipating Jordyn crawling and standing on her own soon. According to her mother Jordyn was able to accomplish this at three months of age. She was constantly laughing or squealing throughout the afternoon. The skills to the right are skills that her mother should anticipate her achieving in the next couple of months to years.

Upon placing Jordyn on her back, grasping her hands and gently pulling her upward to sit, no head lag was present.

Nursing Portfolio: Denver II Screening Paper for Pediatrics

She speaks single syllables and imitates speech formatt. With these new steps in growth Cassandra should start enforcing safety measures that will reduce the likely hood of Jordyn becoming injured.

Her weight and head circumference also fall within the 10 th — 90 th percentile for the national average of children her age.

Cassandra stopped breasting feeding her just before six months of age because of her busy schedule with work and school. Her favorite toy was then placed in front of her, just out of immediate reach. Jordyn at first was unsure of what to do with the block, but fomat presenting a second block to that same hand she transferred the first block in order to obtain the second block.

Jamie auntCassandra, and the tester. Some of the distractions that affected the testing were the presence of the family dog, fan, and dxst child being an infant with a short attention span.

Format DDST

She also smiles spontaneously without being touched, sounds being ofrmat, or without someone else smiling first. Upon seeing this she reached out for the doll, attempting to grab the doll and bring it into her. The results of this Denver II Screening show that Jordyn is within the normal and appropriate developmental growth for her age Archer et al, Posted by Jennifer R.


She is also able to combine her syllables as reported by her mother. Tormat in a residential area, the home has a pool and decent size yard for Jordyn to play in. Her mother states that: Having three consecutive failures in a section we moved to testing Jordyn in the Fine Motor — Adaptive section. It was a single story house off of 42 nd Street and Thunderbird. She also does great with finger foods and crackers.

At the physicians office they can also teach Cassandra about child safety in the car and at home.

Format ddst pdf

She also responded by turning to the sound of her name being called out softly behind her head. Format ddst pdf She was not born prematurely; therefore no adjustments to the calculations are necessary. Upon testing her on banging formt two cubes together, she failed. While formay parents and I were speaking she dvst having her very own conversation with herself, but no words were distinguishable with her. At this appointment her measurements were: As Jordyn continues to grow what she sees her mother doing she will do as well.

She also had no problem with sitting on her own with no support for approximately eight seconds. Her mother stated that this milestone was accomplished just before six months. Cassandra was curious about the blocks to the right of the vertical age line.

She is still not able to place a block in the cup, even after her mother demonstrated for Jordyn. Those who were in the room during the testing included: Listening to Jordyn speak her jibberish formatt passed the Jabbers test.