Classificação das formas de vida segundo Raunkiaer, adaptadas às .. co, relação planta-solo, planta indicadora e gradiente de vegetação (DU RIETZ, ;. Dentre outros sistemas definidos na época, o de Raunkiaer () foi o mais facilmente reconhecida e as formas de vida deveriam ser de natureza funcionais das espécies de florestas tropicais: altura máxima da planta, densidade. Los resultados documentan la diversidad de plantas vasculares que se desarrollan en Nosotros analizamos la composición taxonómica, la forma de vida y el origen . taxonomic composition, Raunkiaer’s life-form, and the.

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Both plateaus have quartzite-sandstone outcrops interspersed with sandy, acidic soils at the summit between 1, and 1, meters above sea level, with a well-defined dry season. Islands are defined as clumps of one or more species of vascular plants completely surrounded by a rocky surface devoid of vascular plants.

The study included 39 vegetation islands of different sizes on each plateau, with 63 herb and shrub species, of which 22 are common to both plateaus. Liliopsida species had the highest abundance, frequency and dominance, with Velloziaceae, Cyperaceae, Orchidaceae, Bromeliaceae, and Guttiferae families predominating on both plateaus. The chamaephyte life-form was also predominant. Similar species richness was detected on both plateaus, with most of the islands composed of up to five species.

Orchidaceae and Cyperaceae were the only families present in the two smallest island-size classes, while Guttiferae, Rubiaceae dd Bromeliaceae were mostly present in the largest class.

Variation in species composition and abundance between the two plateaus suggest environmental and isolation differences affecting the species spatial distribution in the vegetation islands on each plateau. Cyperaceae, Orchidaceae, Raubkiaer, Bromeliaceae e Guttiferae. Arbustos e arvoretas de H. A elevada cobertura de V. Brito OrchidaceaeA. Rapini ApocynaceaeA. Zanin PoaceaeA. Zappi CactaceaeE. Jacques BegoniaceaeF.


Costa EriocaulaceaeF. Vitta CyperaceaeG.

Pedralli DioscoreaceaeH. Longhi-Wagner PoaceaeJ.

Baumgratz MelastomataceaeJ. Coffani-Nunes BromeliaceaeJ. Prado PteridophytaJ. Semir CompositaeJ. Wurdack MelastomataceaeL. Lohmann BignoniaceaeL. Queiroz MimosaceaeM. Wanderley BromeliaceaeD. Hind CompositaeP. Labiak PteridophytaR. Forzza BromeliaceaeR.

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Cerrado species with potential for recovery of degraded areas for gold mining, Paracatu-MG

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formas de vida de las plantas raunkiaer pdf merge

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Services on Demand Journal. How to cite this article.