Forgotten Fire () is a young adult novel by Adam Bagdasarian. The book is based on a true story and follows the young boy Vahan Kenderian through the. Twelve-year-old Vahan Kenderian grew up in the lap of luxury, but the Armenian Holocaust during World War I changed everything. Vahan witnesses horrible. Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of Forgotten Fire. It helps middle and high school students understand Adam Bagdasarian’s literary.

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The Forgotten Fire

A twelve year old trapped amidst one of the least known and yet none the less savage attempts at genocide in human history. Jun 09, Natalie rated it really liked it.

I highly recommend “Forgotten Fire”. Bagdasarian provides very little historical context on what was happening in Turkey and the larger world, instead keeping the reader focused on Vahan’s journey.

I don’t really watch the news to find out, for mental health. He had a very good life. Most of his family is murdered in the first third of the novel, and the pampered son becomes a refugee and fugitive, using wits, luck adsm the occasional sympathetic adult to get out of increasingly dire straights.

But I’m truly shocked. Trivia About Forgotten Fire. Did your ideas change after reading Forgotten Fire? The prose is tight and unforced and results in a b This novel, based on true events, is about a survivor of the Armenian genocide by the invading Turks. Acam long did it take you to write Forgotten Fire? Sep 14, David Schaafsma rated it really liked it Shelves: Vahan loses his home and family, and is forced to live a life he would never have dreamed of in order to survive.


Forgotten Fire 1 1 Apr 29, I think his father would have been very proud of the man he became.

Tashian – the wife of Dr. Feb 16, Emilie W rated it it was amazing Shelves: When my great-uncle, Vahridj Kenderian, was dying, he made a tape of his experiences as a child during the Armenian genocide. They are continually transported and are marching from location to location directed by the Turkish.

Forgotten Fire by Adam Bagdasarian | Scholastic

I really liked this book. A 12 year old boy grows up in a wealthy household, with family, friends, fforgotten, and laughter. There were many sad, terrible things that happened to Vahan and his family. His name is Vahan and he is the youngest son of a rich Armenian family.

I don’t think I adan did–become numb or lose hope for this protagonist–and that’s because the author doesn’t let us. Through his hardships, Vahan is able to endure it all thr InVahan Kenderian is living a privileged life as the youngest son of a wealthy Armenian family in Turkey. This secure world is shattered when some family members are whisked away while others are murdered before his eyes.

Kind people who help Vahan: Armenouhi Kenderian – Vahan’s sister who eats poison to avoid the possibility of being killed through being captured and held prisoner at the Goryan’s Inn. This is the gripping, heart-wrenching story of war as seen through the eyes of Charley Goddard, a fifteen-year-old who enlisted in the Forgtoten Minnesota Volunteers in June and fought in almost every major battle in the Civil War.

Sdam 8th grader read this for school and recommended I read it. Writing the book freed me of that, in a way. Considering that the Armenian Genocide is generally considered to be the first of the twentieth century genocides and the precursor to all the others, it is rather surprising, not to mention sad, that it is one of the least known of the twentieth century genocides.


To this day the U. To be honest, I would most likely recommend these books to those who aren’t Armenian. This was an excellent novel. Wise words by Ara Sarkisian: I’m almost certain that this wasn’t the author’s intention, but still I had a hard time liking him at first.

I found myself wanting something more, craft-wise.

As I stated before, he recorded his journey, therefore he made it to the United States alive but Vahan had extraordinary obstacles to overcome. Vahan has several violent experiences during his journey to Constantinople. This book tells the story of a forgltten and his journey during the Armenian genocide that occurred in Turkey approximately adwmif I’m not mistaken.

It’s heartbreaking and ugly because the author writes in a way that really makes you feel like you know the main character. Each Armenian story has their own untold horrors.

I read this book some months ago, and i can’t stop bagdasariah about it. I think all of us, no matter what age, are looking for a place where we are safe and loved. The Road From Home: