Familia: Thamnophilidae Subfamiliae: Thamnophilidae Swainson, a new genus of antwrens (Aves: Passeriformes: Thamnophilidae). Composta por espécies essencialmente insetívoras, a família Thamnophilidae é um dos mais importantes componentes da avifauna Neotropical (SKUTCH. Cymbilaimus lineatus. Fasciated Antshrike Batara lineado Thamnophilus doliatus. Barred Antshrike Batara barreteado Thamnophilus bridgesi. Black- hooded.

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O eixo maior da bacia corta o Estado no sentido sul-norte Fig. Thamnophilus doliatus Barred Antshrike Batara barreteado Foraging patterns and resource use in four sympatric species of antwrens.

Tropical wet forest treefall gaps and distributions of understory birds and plants. Microrhopias quixensis Dot-winged antwren Hormiguerito alipunteado EcotropicaBonn, 8: Myrmeciza laemosticta Dull-mantled Antbird Hormiguero alimaculado Epinecrophilla fulviventris Checker-throated Antwren Hormigeuro leonado Dense medium stratum showed representative to five species.


Vine tangles in all strata, dense medium and higher strata and presence of clearings were representative in B1. Estas trilhas foram determinadas paralelas entre si, a m uma da outra e a pelo menos m da borda da floresta. In this study, fakilia and abundance of Thamnophilidae were both evaluated and correlated with environmental parameters in four forest areas of the Tibagi river basin B1, M1, A1 and A2placed in an environmental gradient.

Família Thamnophilidae

Dysithamnus mentalis e Fsmilia. The AukMissoula, Forest bird communities in the Tibagi river hydrographic basin, southern Brazil. Gymnocichla nudiceps Bare-crowned Antbird Hormiguero calvo The vegetation of this area, showed correlations relatively lower when compared to the other three, which showed higher values among themselves. Drymophila rubricollis Bertoni is a valid specie Aves, Formicariidae.

Família Thamnophilidae

The relation of foliage complexity to ecological diversity of three Amazonian bird communities. Family Thamnophilidae Typical antbirdsp. Thamnophilus bridgesi Black-hooded Antshrike Batara Negruzco Mackenziaena severa explorou em B1 substrato semelhante a P.


Dysithamnus puncticeps Spot-crowned Antvireo Batarito coronipunteado Bird species diversity on an Andean elevational gradient. Biogeography and ecology of forest bird communities.

Foraging behavior of forest birds: Effects of selective logging on a bird community in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. Ornithological MonographsThamnophilidas, Oposto a isto, D. Thamnophilus atrinucha Black-crowned Antshrike Batara plomizo A grande amplitude da altura de forrageio de H.

Barcelona, Lynx Edicons, vol. ArarajubaLondrina, 9: Use of Amazonian forest fragments by understory insectivorous birds.

Myrmeciza exsul Chestnut-backed Antbird Hormiguero Bamboo specialization by Amazonian birds. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, p. Diversity of birds along an elevational gradient in the Cordilheira Central, Costa Rica.