Robert C. Pozen, one of the business world’s most successful—and productive— executives, Extreme Productivity is an essential handbook for every business. Required reading for professionals—and aspiring professionals—of all levels.”— Shirley Ann Jackson, President of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute a. Bob Pozen–Harvard Business School lecturer, prolific author, financial-industry heavyweight–tackles more in a month than you manage in a.

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Use split calendar see pg. Didn’t learn a single new thing and nothing that would help me boost my productivity output!

Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours by Robert C. Pozen

All workers should take a 30 minute nap following lunch; the author, Robert C A little disappointing. The book is easy to read either from beginning to end, or just reading the headlines and take-aways.


If it’s something menial that can’t just be dealt with quickly, you opzen need to be a little more strategic, but don’t procrastinate, Pozen says:. If so, reply immediately. Brainstorm, Categorize, then organize. Take a 30 minute nap each afternoon.

This manifested itself in an abundance of elitist business jargon and biographical drivel. I exttreme there was good advice on all three of these topics in the final chapters. An amusing commercial shows someone having a bad day, and how that person’s mood affects each person down the line, with more bad moods.

What was the more productive use of your time? Keep a list of accomplishments that you can send your boss at the end of the quarter.

Bob Pozen, Master Of Extreme Productivity, Shares His 3 Most Effective

I think it was entertaining and helpful. To someone outside of a management position, this book is inaccessible in sections. Exercise is rated as the 2nd most happiness inducing activity- right behind sex. Learn about other cultures. Sep 04, Jon Barr rated it really liked it.


Extreme Productivity: Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours

Pozen taught a full course load at Harvard Business School while serving as the full-time productibity of a global financial-services firm. Design The 15 coolest interfaces of the year.

Common ideas, but Pozen does a good job of describing them and explaining why they are important to being productive. All workers should take a 30 minute nap following lunch; the author, Robert C. Oct 02, Jessica rated it it was ok. They tend, often subconsciously, to value workers who put in overtime and weekend hours.

I take a blank piece of paper and jot down all my thoughts on the relevant subject. There’s rarely a reason to stay at work beyond dinnertime. When you productivitj or have an idea of what skills will be in demand, you can set upon getting them. Producfivity really new here, but I’ve read a lot of these kinds of books. If you must schedule every minute of your day, then schedule in some unscheduled time.

This way you ensure your day is aligned with your goals instead of spent in meetings. That’s an inefficient way to pfoductivity research projects,” he said. Equally important is the demand side, considering what your organization and your world are looking for. Write down three or four ethical principles that will always guide you.

In applying the lessons extrems this book, you should carefully consider your own stage in life and you “As I’ve written this book, I have become more and more confident that professionals at all levels should focus on results produced rather than hours worked.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. To ask other readers questions about Extreme Productivityplease sign up.


Pozen emphasizes three factors: Decide what your purpose in reading is. Divide them into supply and demand. Because the conclusion tells you where the writer is going to end up. Sep 05, Heba Mohammed rated it liked it Shelves: Robert Pozen is a very productive person: He’s written six books and hundreds of articles, raised a family with his wife of more than four decades, and served on many boards of local charities and public companies.

A good solid approach to different facets of productivity, and the key points are nicely summarized at the end of each chapter. Beat jet-lag by exercising when you get to your destination. Don’t take phone calls or emails,” Pozen says. Summary of Chapter 9 1.

The trick, then, is seeing what skills will be needed in your organization and your industry and developing them in yourself, Pozen says. The first few chapters were good. Robert Pozen has had to be efficient to work through the impressive list of responsibilities he’s taken on over the course of his career, including stints as an attorney with the U.

Now comes Robertt C. I love that idea and work hard to follow the rule. It was another great year for science, and physics was front and center, as a team at the University of Oxford announced that they may have solved one of the biggest mysteries in modern physics.