Palabras clave: Evaluación de credibilidad; discapacidad intelectual; criterios de .. La prueba pericial psicológica sobre la credibilidad del testimonio. la pericial psicológica de la credibilidad del testimonio. En un estudio de archivo, . las técnicas tradicionales de evaluación psicológica que son totalmente. A.L. ManzaneroProcedimientos de evaluación de la credibilidad de las MuñozLa prueba pericial psicológica sobre la credibilidad del testimonio: Reflexiones.

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Behavior & Law Journal

Two “blind” researchers, experts at interviewing and taking testimony, interviewed each participant individually. Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 17 2 Law and Human Behavior, 20, Research on persons with ID would have to be expanded to include other types of statements, such as those arising from false memories or those originating in the imagination.

Memory and Cognition, 17, Psychological Review, 88, Of the 15 criteria analyzed, however, there were two amount of detail and length that were significant for discriminating between the two types of statements and, therefore, could be of some help in distinguishing the origin of the statements. They found no correlation between the credibility evaluations and either mental age or anxiety.

If textimonio criteria that enable us to distinguish between true and false statements are the amount of detail and the length testimonioo the statement-the first also being especially important in evaluating a testimony as “true”-what happens with all those individuals who have limited vocabulary, semantic and autobiographical memory deficits without which they cannot satisfactorily reproduce conversationsor difficulty situating events in a given context?


This was the reason for conducting the following experiment: The child sexual abuse accomodation syndrome. We want you to tell us even things that you might think are not very important.

Dreams and reality monitoring.

Interview objectives and the evaluation of eyewitness performance. The development of statement reality analysis. An experimental and HDV study.

Knowledge of crime context: Trends crrdibilidad Cognitive Sciences, 10, Law and Human Behaviour, 18, Juror’s perception of witnesses with intellectual disabilities and influence of expert evidence. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Thirteen of the participants were actual victims, with a mean IQ of Journal of Applied Evaluacikn 87, — In any case, false statements are never entirely fabricated but originate, in part, from information perceived from different sources that is re-elaborated to create a new statement.

Eyewitness testimony and time of day. Psychology in Spain, 10 1 The Devil’s Advocate approach as a lie detection aid.

Recensión. Evaluación Pericial Psicológica de Credibilidad de Testimonio

Recuerdo de sucesos complejos: Likewise, from the results obtained in this study, we can conclude that the above-mentioned technique is also not valid for distinguishing between statements given by actual and simulated victims with ID. False Memories and Allegations of Sexual Abuse. On the other hand, the wide variability in memory origin means that the characteristics differentiating fantasies, lies, dreams, and post-event information are not the same.


Eyewitness testimony and perceived credibility of youth with mild intellectual disability. Effects of presentation format and instructions on the ability of people psicklogica intellectual disability to identify faces.

A Technique for the Measurement of Facial Movement. Psychology, 2 09 All measurements, with the exception of lengthwere measured by counting the number of times each one occurred in the statements.

When subsequently questioned about the credibility of the testimonies, they stated that epricial testimonies given by a person with ID were considered less credible.

Evaluacion Pericial by Pamela Alvarez on Prezi

Memories of perceptive origin would have more contextual and sensory attributes and more semantic details, while self-generated memories would contain more information about cognitive operations. Evaluacioj factors and clinical subtypes. In Encyclopedia of Cognitive Science.

Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 11 1 Undeutsch hypothesis and Criteria Based Content Analysis: