MVAC (). MVAC-like ( or ). Non-MVAC (). * If R Section of the Clean Air Act (CAA) directs EPA to establish requirements to prevent the. Motor vehicle air conditioning (MVAC) systems provide passenger comfort Servicing of these systems is regulated under section of the. Specific MVAC regulatory authority is given by Section of the Clean Air Act Amendments (CAAA). Section is included in Chapter of this manual, and .

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However, it still does not certify you to service MVAC systems. Nothing is a better antidote for test-day jitters than being prepared!

EPA Section 609: What You Need to Know

They must certify as a small business by January 1, They provide specific guidelines for each refrigerant and how it should be properly handled for its specific use. Contact Headquarters to determine the status of the training program. An official website of the United States government. If you have a Section and find yourself working on MVAC-like systems, you should consider also acquiring a section to better familiarize yourself manuxl the requirements for servicing MVACs.

The more stringent off-site reclamation standards reflect the concern that refrigerant contamination is possible when refrigerant is sent off- site. The form notes that approved equipment must have been purchased by January 1, if the business was servicing MVACs, unless a facility was a Small Entity, in which case the approved equipment has to be purchased by January 1, Does the business sell wholesale as well as retail? Such standards shall, at a minimum, be at least as stringent as the standards of the Society epx Automotive Engineers in effect as of the date of the.


Poor records with most lacking sectiion information: MVAC service facilities must use only approved equipment consistent with deadlines in Chapter 2. Name of Refrigerant Reclaimer They require a Section certification.

Service Practices Leak Testing, Recovery, Charging procedures Proper use and handling of refrigerant Various service procedures and techniques specific to MVAC systems Technician training and certification Approved equipment Safe disposal requirements Once a technician passes the exam administered by an EPA certified tester, section of the Clean Air Act allows the technician to service and repair motor vehicle air majual systems anywhere in the United States for life.

Evidence has indicated that the air within buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air. For their part in protecting the stratospheric ozone and manua, quality of life, MVAC service operations can have a tremendously positive impact, if compliance with Section can be ensured, because: Inspector Training Self-Examination Please answer the following questions. We’ve made some changes to EPA.

Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning (MVAC) System Servicing | US EPA

The sale of containers of 20 pounds manuual more is not restricted. A good rule of thumb for MVAC license requirement is that if you are going to be an employee at an automotive repair shop working on passenger vehicles, a Section EPA certification is going to be satisfactory for you. Anyone who repairs or services a motor vehicle air conditioning MVAC system for any kind of compensation must be trained and certified in accordance with section of the Clean Air Act.

Small Business Certification Shops that performed service on less than motor vehicle air conditioners in are considered small entities and have until January 1, to purchase equipment and train technicians. Provides the fundamentals behind current energy saving equipment options, energy auditing, effects of building infrastructure on efficiency, and energy saving preventative maintenance.


The standards are currently only written for CFC Name of Person in Charge 5. How might a facility that only serviced 50 cars in nol be considered a Small Entity?

Section Certification allows the purchase of any refrigerant in any size container from an auto supply e;a for use in cooling the passenger compartment of vehicles including the “one pound” cans.

Continued depletion of the ozone will adversely impact the quality of life on earth. There is a great deal of very detailed information that is covered by this certification. On-site recycling involves equipment specifically designed and approved for cleaning the refrigerant from a motor vehicle air conditioner.

It also ensures technicians are trained to properly handle refrigerants. This option is not available to chains or franchises, shops with the same name and different owners. The Clean Air Act prohibits venting and requires an EPA certification for any technician handling and disposing of refrigerants. Any person who repairs or services a motor vehicle air conditioning MVAC system for consideration payment or bartering must be properly trained and certified under section of the Clean Air Act by an EPA-approved program.

Motor Vehicle Air Conditioning (MVAC) System Servicing

Section Technician Training and Certification Programs Any person who repairs or services a motor vehicle air conditioning MVAC system for consideration payment or bartering mva be properly trained and certified under section of the Clean Air Act by an EPA-approved program.

On-site recycling can be done to the SAE J standard.

Some of the topics and information covered on the exam include:. Total of 18 certified technicians.