Abstract. LANNA, Marcos. Note on Marcel Mauss’s essai sur le don. Rev. Sociol. Polit. [online]. , n, pp ISSN MAUSS Marcel Ensaio Sobre a Dadiva PDF. Uploaded by DFVP. Ensaio sobre a Dádiva. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or read online. Mauss-Ensaio Sobre a – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. 07 Ficha Sociologia e Antropologia Mauss Uploaded.

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In this paper I will discuss how Montanez redefines the term ” diva ” in her collection of short stories Las divas de mi barrio [ Divas of my neighborhood]. I argue that this redefinition, values the role of female characters who differ physically from the ideas of beauty that tend to be associated with a diva. This is significant since these characters belong to the working class of the country where the plot develops.

Thus, these short stories pay tribute to other forms of femininity and knowl Kas uues vormis kaheosaline emakeele riigieksam vastas teie ootustele? The origin of metal impurities in DIVA. Three processes of metal impurity release from the first wall were identified; i. Among of these, ion sputtering is marceel predominant process in the quiet phase of the discharge, which is characterized by no spikes in the ddica voltage and no localized heat flux concentrations on the first wall.

Mauss, Marcel

In the SEM photographs, the spacial distribution of cones on the shell surface due to the ion sputtering coincides with the spacial distribution of intensity of Ennsaio line radiation. Gold is the dominant metal impurity in DIVA. The honeycomb structure can decrease release of the metal impurity.

Divas en la brega: Por lo tanto, eensaio estos cuentos se rinde tributo a otras formas de femineidad y de conocimientos que tienden a quedar xdiva An advantage magcel the use of chimeric pestiviruses as modified live vaccines against classical swine fever CSF resides in their capacity to be manipulated to achieve the characteristics desired for safe and efficacious DIVA vaccines.

Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Equipment of Thomson scattering measurement using ruby-laser light is explained.

DIVA device was shut down in September ; it gave numerous fruitful experimental results during its five years operation. We measured the profiles of electron temperature and density with the Thomson scattering equipment, which played an important role in research of the energy confinement and heating characteristics.

In Thomson scattering measurements on DIVAstudies and improvements were made for reduction of stray light, increase of measuring points and data processing. The profile of electron temperature and density were thus measured successful. In this report is given an over-all view of the Thomson scattering equipment together with the above improvements. As two representative makss, the measured ehsaio of electron temperature profiles on DIVA plasma under divertor operation and low-q discharge respectively are described.

Divertor experiment for impurity control in DIVA. Divertor actions of controlling the impurities and the transport of impurity ions in the plasma have been investigated in the DIVA device.

Following are the results: Radial diffusion of impurity ions across the whole minor radius is well described ensxio a neoclassical diffusion superposed by the anomalous diffusion for protons. The impurity ions shielded by the scrape-off plasma are rapidly guided into the burial chamber with a poloidal excursion time roughly equal to that of the scrape-off plasma.

The impurity ions produced in the burial chamber may flow back to ensaoo main plasma through the scrape-off layer. However, marecl only 0. Radiation cooling by low-Z matcel in the plasma outer edge, which may become an important feature in future large tokamaks both with and without divertor, is numerically evaluated for carbon, oxygen and neon. Kui seda mammit seal jalus ei oleks With the present study, A.


The migration of IndoPacific species to the Black Sea indicate that climate change is getting an important issue both for marine biodiversity and fisheries in the Black Sea. General presentation and first results. This programme was called DIVA. Both experimental and theoretical works are planned.

Motivations, objectives, test facility and test section dimensioning of this new programme are presented.

A first test series was just performed. The validation of the test section dimensioning and experimental procedures was obtained.

These first experimental data are presented and preliminary analyses are given. Spectroscopic and bolometric measurements of radiation loss in DIVA. Radiation loss due to low- and high-z impurities in DIVA JFT-2a was measured by means of a calibrated 3m grazing incidence vacuum monochromater and a calibrated pyroelectric detector. The following results were obtained: The creator of Linux chose to make it open-source and offer it free of charge, in the Internet. Since then, people from the various parts of the world have participated in its development.

This study, therefore, seeks to analyse the features of this space of sociability, where the exchange points to another logic different of that one adopted by the market. The proposal of comprehending the social ties of the Linux universe through the perspective of gift ends up sending us into another discussion, which will also deserve attention in this study, that would be: There are versions for single precision and double precision arithmetic.

These solutions are applicable to stiff or nonstiff differential equations of first or second order. There is an option for the direct integration of second order equations which can make integration of trajectory problems significantly more efficient. It has a central memory requirement of approximately K of 8 bit bytes.


This program was developed in and last updated in Pop divas and feminist identity: Full Text Available The videoclip is a cultural production that is shared through the Internet and media networks, through all kinds of electronic devices for personal and domestic use. It helps to accelerate the predominance of cultural production as a construct agent both of meaning and of entertainment. A visual sequencing that allows an intense perception of a message in a very short period of time.

From the phenomena related to the audiovisual production of women artists I will reflect on the performative force of the musical videos of pop divas and the drifts that can become in the social and political demands that occur in them. First, the role of subjectivation in the production and consumption of them. Second, the processes of socialization and performativity that articulate other social imaginaries ensalo women and men and establish a ediva order in gender discourses.

So how dxiva contribute to changes in the production of culture, being also aware of mixed interests in a cultural mainstream environment.

Metal materials used are aluminium and gold. mqrcel

Ensaio sobre a Dádiva – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

The Q-switched laser beam is incident onto a thin metal film thickness about 0. The metal film is vaporized by the laser beam and injected into DIVA plasma. The laser-beam injection method has advantages of sharp profile of vaporized metal, easy control of vaporized metal quantity and injection rate control of metal vapor.

In order to improve monitoring and diagnosis capabilities in nuclear power plants, Electricite de France EDF has designed an integrated monitoring and diagnosis assistance system: The development of such a sophisticated monitoring and data processing systems has emphasized the need for the addition of analysis and diagnosis assistance capabilities. Therefore, diagnostic knowledge based systems have been added to the functions monitored in PSAD: These systems were designed from a representation of the diagnostic reasoning process of experts and of the supporting knowledge.


Diagnosis in both systems relies on an abduction reasoning process applied to component fault models and observations derived from their actual behavior, as provided by the monitoring functions. The basic theoretical elements of this diagnostic model are summarized in a first part.

The project presented in this paper concerns the development of an expert system dealing with the diagnosis of turbo-generator vibrations. This article first presents the organisation of the system and then the goals and results of the tests already achieved [fr. Efficacy of chimeric Pestivirus vaccine candidates against classical swine fever: In these vaccine enszio, either ddivaa E2 or the E rns encoding genome region of a bovine viral diarrhoea virus strain were combined with a cDNA copy of CSFV or vice versa.

Furthermore, currently available serological DIVA tests were evaluated. The vaccine candidates were compared to the C-strain. All vaccine candidates protected against clinical signs.

Limited transmission occurred dciva the groups vaccinated with Flc9. All vaccine candidates would be suitable to stop on-going transmission of CSFV. From Star to Diva -writer: The Dynamics of the objects in a Comsumption Society. Full Text Available This article aims to critically evaluate two objects produced marecl the cultural industry — the star and the diva — with regard to their centrality in the mass culture and in the mass media.

The concepts, drawn from both categories, open discussions about the consumption of culture in art and literature, as well as enable a promising analyis on the dynamics of the objects in a consumption society.

Sera and tonsil samples obtained from pigs immunised with these two vaccines were analysed. In both vaccinated groups, individual viral RNA-positive tonsil samples were detected in animals euthanised between 7 and 21 days post vaccination. Objectives of the experiments were ssobre Plasma production and confinement in a tokamak with a separatrix magnetic surface, and ii divertor effects on radiation loss and plasma confinement.

The results so far are as follows: Third generation DIVA vaccine towards classical swine fever virus. Efficacy in face of maternal immunity. General purpose and objectives Classical swine fever CSF is a highly contagious disease that causes huge economical losses and animal welfare concerns worldwide.


Generally, vaccination is an effective and safe method to control the disease. A neural theory of speech acquisition and production. The DIVA model of speech production provides a computationally and neuroanatomically explicit account of the network of brain regions involved in speech acquisition and production. An overview of the model is provided along with descriptions of the computations performed in the different brain regions represented in the model.

The latest version of the model, which contains a new right-lateralized feedback control map in ventral premotor cortex, will be described, and experimental results that motivated this new model component will be discussed. Application of the model to the study and treatment of communication disorders will also be briefly described.

Diagnosing avian influenza infection in vaccinated populations by systems for differentiating infected from vaccinated animals DIVA. Vaccination against avian influenza is recommended as a tool to support control measures in countries affected by avian influenza.

Vaccination is known to increase the resistance of susceptible birds to infection and also to reduce shedding; however, it does not always prevent infection.