A small moth could become the newest weapon in Colombia’s war on drugs. The caterpillars of Eloria noyesi, also known as the cocaine. Gene. Jan 17;(1) Epub Nov Molecular cloning and functional characterization of the dopamine transporter from Eloria noyesi. Descriptions and articles about the Cocaine Tussock Moth, scientifically known as Eloria noyesi in the Encyclopedia of Life. Includes Physical Description; T.

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Last week, Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos announced that the country would stop using a controversial herbicide, glyphosate, to destroy cocaine crops, writes Manuel Rueda for Fusion. The rebel groups that produce cocaine often employ armed guards to protect the coca crops, making manual eradication dangerous work. The plan would go something like this: However, there’s a lot of work to be done before the plan could be viable, writes Rueda, the most important being to make sure to get noyyesi right species of moth.


The new weapon in the Colombian war on drugs? Caterpillars | MNN – Mother Nature Network

This idea isn’t exactly popular. Unleashing a hoard of caterpillars on the plants could also simply mean that cociane growers will turn to a hoard of insecticides to kill them, which could have other health drawbacks as well.

When it was first proposed inofficials in the Colombian government said the proposal was an interesting alternative to spraying herbicides from above.

In the meantime, the argument over whether to use glyphosate herbicides continues. Some officials from the Colombian and United States governments, which provides financial backing for the spraying, argue that cocaine is a greater health risk than the herbicides.

BOLD Systems: Taxonomy Browser – Eloria noyesi {species}

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These Scientists Want to Unleash an Army of Caterpillars to Destroy Cocaine Crops

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