Hector Abad Facioline – El Amanecer de un Marido (The Dawn of a Faciolince (Medellín, ) is a Colombian writer and journalist whose. We provide El amanecer de un marido as e-book resource in this website. publication created by Hector Abad Faciolince by registering and clicking the switch. LibraryThing Review. User Review – whernanm – LibraryThing. Great and amusing book! It is a collection of short stories mostly about the routine of marriage.

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A woman who dates somebody looking exactly like her dead boyfriend.

El amanecer de un marido – Héctor Joaquín Abad Faciolince – Google Books

A journalist who dwells on what course of action to take after discovering his wife cheats on him. An Italian prostitute who fishes for clients in churches. An elderly man hectof discovers his new young wife hates him.

A silenced rape during a narco-party. While there is no clear string weaving all of the stories into a coherent whole, the overarching theme is clearly relationships, more e, marriage and infidelity.

A second theme that emerges is the violence unleashed by drug-trafficking in Colombia, explored thoroughly in stories 11, 12 and This comes as no surprise given that the title makes reference to the awakening of a husband, not a wife. Some stories offer nuanced narrative viewpoints though. The husband pretends to sleep though he is sneakily looking at his wife going into the shower: This is a common trope amongst many of the stories: In the fifth story the husband comes home to find a dead wife and a long suicide letter that tells him how his infidelity killed her.

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El amanecer de un marido: Héctor Abad Faciolince: : Books

It is not only men who cheat in this book though. Peres decides that the best course of action is to forget — on balance, he still has cheated more than her — but is unable to do so when he sees her zbad the trip. Irrational anger triumphs over rational calculations on who cheated more and who less.

After all, he would do the same if he could. What are we to make of this bleak take into marriages?

Can we draw any lessons or principles from the different stories? Something that stands out is the focus on carnal desire.

The many relationships are breaking down because there is no desire from one of the parties, often the male one. Rarely there are any mentions to love.

Hector Abad Facioline – El Amanecer de un Marido (The Dawn of a Husband)

Is love only a disguise for lust? Or is a breakdown in lust a symptom of the imminent collapse of love?


Another possible take is reading it as mairdo statement on the obsolete institution of marriage when it comes to human nature. While it might be tempting to try and deduce a general principle or message from the book, the distinctiveness of the individual stories makes this a perilous task. It is in the private reflections of ordinary people at their times of innermost solitude.

It is on the minute details which act fl warning signs of a failing relationship.

It is in the utter realism of many stories, the tediousness of marriage, the sheer pain of not feeling desired and the inherently human difficulty of simply moving on.

I would give this faciolihce to any newly-wed couple I know and write on the front page: Follow Sounds and Colours: Comments Leave a comment: