Potencial alelopático de bambúes tropicales. Efecto sobre la germinación y el crecimiento de cultivos tropicales []. Ríos, C., Universidad Central Marta. MURILLO P, Elizabeth; VINA P, Amparo; RUIZ T, Víctor H and PEREZ C, Carlos A. EFECTO ALELOPÁTICO DE LA FRACCIÓN CLOROFÓRMICA DE Lagascea. Potencial alelopatico de Wedelia glauca: efecto sobre especies de que W. glauca tiene potencial alelopático bajo condiciones controladas.

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Moreover, the natural predominant vegetation is woodland dominated by Quillaja saponaria Molina, Lithrea caustica Molina Hook. Revista Chilena de Historia Natural Acacia dealbata invasion across multiple scales: Other plant parts from A. Quillaja saponaria Molina Rosaceae: Variability of quinolizidine alkaloid profiles of Lupinus argenteus Fabaceae from North America.

Particularly when nutrient cycles are modified as by introduction of a nitrogen-fixing plant into a nitrogen-poor system lacking such a speciesthe long-term effects may be enormous, but these are subtle and can be slow Simberloff Phytotoxic effects of 21 plant secondary metabolites on Arabidopsis thaliana germination and root growth.

Allelopathic interference of invasive Acacia dealbata Link on the physiological parameters of native understory species.


Efecto alelopático de Phyla strigulosa sobre germinación y crecimiento de cultivos

No existen en Santiago del Estero antecedentes sobre el particular y son muy pocos los estudios realizados en alelopativo Argentina. Lycopersicon esculentumCucumis sativus and Rhapanus sativus. The science of allelopathy. These effects were expressed more acutely through the bioassays that involved direct contact with the plant material, in which the interference of allelochemicals from leaves and seeds impeded germination absolutely.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Several studies have shown evidence that A. We evaluated the effect of leaves, flowers, pods and seeds of A.

Plant material was collected under A. Effect of aqueous extract from different parts of Acacia dealbata on germination ahypocotyl length b alelkpatico, radicle length c and radicle necrosis degree d of Quillaja saponaria seedlings. Current trends and future applications, pp.

Allelochemicals of Pinus halepensis as drivers of biodiversity efwcto Mediterranean open mosaic habitats during the colonization stage of secondary succession. Plant Soil and Environment All plant parts dramatically prevented radicle growth Fig.

Planta daninhav. Conspicuous flowering species can help us study invasion pattern and processes. Los resultados alcanzados proveen evidencia de que W. Effects of Acacia cyanophylla Lindl.

Acacia dealbata Link silver wattle, aromo one of the most widely distributed species of the genus Acacia. Bioassays alelopahico established on the basis of a completely randomized experimental design.


Since bioassays were performed in Petri dishes Growth conditions and measurements were the same as in previous experiment. I ; Ochoa, M. The aim of the present study is to determine the effect that different plant parts of the invasive species A.

Diterpenos and sterols from Wedelia glauca. The vulnerability of these two native species, so different from a biotypic point of view, suggest that several native species would face a similar risk concomitantly to the progress of A. Comparison of phenolic compounds and the effects of invasive and native species in East Asia: Similar responses alelopqtico in H.

Allelopathic potencial of Wedelia glauca: effects on horticultural species

Effects of aqueous leaf extracts of Populus tomentosa at different ages on the growth and photosynthetic characteristics of its own seedlings.

Melanie Belanger for revision of the English.

Multifaceted attributes of allelochemicals and mechanism of allelopathy.