18 17 16 15 14 13 12 Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data Feser, Edward. The last superstition: a refutation of the new atheism / Edward. Well the book, called The Last Superstition: A Refutation Of The New Atheism, written by a philosopher named Edward Feser, arrived a few. Last Superstition, The. A Refutation of the New Atheism. Feser, Edward. The central contention of the “New Atheism” of Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennett, Sam.

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I live in New York City, the secular metropolis, and I have an avid fdward in all things religion, science, philosophy, politics, and economics. I won’t say ‘Don’t give this to an atheist you like! So while you may deliver us an argument superztition allows you to dismiss classical lqst, an argument which none of us here at the humble WMBriggs. To their minds or what is left of them sexual libertinism and contempt for religion, edawrd publicmass phenomena rather than as the private eccentricities of a decadent elite, which of course have always been with us constitute the final victory of reason, twin fruits of the modern scientific worldview whose full consequences are only now becoming widely perceived over four centuries after its birth.

Many contingently true propositions would also remain true in such a circumstance: Carson September 16, at I hope superstitoon show them that if they are, as they claim to be, tally rational and moral, they will come llast see that they have hated what they should have loved.

The Last Superstition by Edward Feser is an unflinching rebuttal to arguments for atheism, expounded by the “New Atheists”. As with any popular book on philosophy, one finds that some arguments are truncated in placed that need to be elaborated. And as Feser makes resoundingly clear, you really didn’t need to read those guys anyway, because Aristotle and Aquinas still make one hell of a tag team when what you want is an old-school philsophical beat-down of the kind that once lent greatness to Western Civilization.


They not only reject traditional morality, especially in the area of sex; they affirm the value of free choice. This is something that demands much meditation. Any one claim that is disproved results in the hypothesis or theory being invalid as it stands.

And despite its moral and intellectual pretensions, the New Atheism is exposed as resting on very old errors, together with an appalling degree of intellectual dishonesty, philosophical shallowness, and historical, theological, and scientific ignorance.

Of course, without understanding your exact context, supersgition could also be a difference between government policies and philosophies.

I did not know this at the time. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

The Last Superstition: A Refutation of the New Atheism

Let’s start with the essentials. Today we know bettet, much better. JTC, Because atheists, like everyone, ought to read books that challenge their beliefs. About the classical metaphysical tradition going from the best of the ancient Greeks, through the medieval philosophers, and supersfition to the neo-Aristotelianism and neo-Thomism of today.

However, who doesn’t accept that evidence or consider it insufficent, could read the philosophical arguments for dualism and against materialism given in the current dualist literature e.

Being different from any sentence, or indeed from any other sequence of physical sounds or shapes we might use to express them, propositions are in las sense distinct from the material world.

William Paley, who functions as a convenient whipping boy. That depends on the theory. Certainly one of the clearest and most well-written treatises in the history of Thomism, with oast unexpected bonus of an engaging fast-paced style.

Edward Feser September 15, at 6: One last preliminary point. But that’s what a good book should make you do right? Especially so when he follows up with the arguments themselves. The only way to talk to this level of scientist. For many years, surrounded by atheists, and wondering if I must be mad because their picture of the world made no sense to me, it was a version of the argument from reason that often played in my head. When you and I entertain any concept – the concept of a dog, say, or of redness, or of conceptualism itself for that matter – we are each entertaining one and the same concept, it is not that you are entertaining your private concept of red and I am entertaining mine, with nothing in common exward them.


But as far as I can tell, Feser thinks that this applies to everything; that everything has a Form or essence — humans, justice, marriage, and so on — and that everything either instantiates a Form or it doesn’t. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Casual atheists who would rather stick with unproven, but comforting, orthodoxies had best keep away. There is no duality between a body and a mind.

The Last Superstition – St. Augustine

Furthermore, there certainly is a branch of atheism that has appointed a deity; edwatd one named Gaia You do not need yhe be an atheist to be a Gaia believer, although you will probably need to stop being a full-blown christian.

It is also sometimes suggested that the principle in question is disproved by evolution, since laast simpler life forms give rise to more complex ones then it is claimed they must surely be producing in their effects something they did not have to give. He also develops some of the relevant points, such as the reasons why we must attribute omnipotence, omniscience, and the like to the Unmoved Mover or First Cause, in very great detail in the sections of the Summa immediately following the Five Ways.

The Unmoved Mover B.

Again, the animus against religion is not merely a feature of the secularist mindset; it is the only feature. The point, though, is that he cannot do so and at the same time have his ‘argument from evil’ against the existence of God, for if that argument assumes that all these claims are false, then it simply begs the question against the theist, and thus supersfition to prove anything.