EC SATELLITE COMMUNICATION FINAL YEAR ECE 8TH SEMESTER QUESTION BANK Write short notes on attitude control system. 3. What is. Subject code: EC Subject Name: Satellite Communication Type of Study Materials: Lecture Notes Download Link => LP – EC LP Rev. No: Date: Page 01 of Sub Code &Name: EC SATELLITE COMMUNICATION. Unit: I Branch: EC Semester: VIII.

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Total service from a single provider 9.

Explain in detail the operation of a preassigned SCPC network. Earth Eclipse of Satellite R.

EC2045 Satellite Communication Lecture Notes

Explain about launching orbits. What is a single mode of operation?

Explain in detail about satellite switched TDMA. What is meant by azimuth angle and look angles?


Describe the main features and services offered by the orbcomm satellite system. Post a Comment Enter your comments here. Satellite Communication Type of Study Materials: Explain in detail about topocentric-horizon coordinate saatellite which is based on the www. Explain in detail the operation of the spade system of demand assignment.


Describe the operation of typical VSAT system. Calculate the free space loss a frequency of 6 GHz. Gauhati University Question Paper Semester: What is an error comunication code?

If the satellite were at the perigee, the mean anomaly would be 0.

EC Satellite Communication Lecture Notes – Edition

What does the term dilution of precision refer to? Explain downlink satellite circuit. What is processing gain? The magnitude of the force is directly proportional to the product of the masses of the two particles, and inversely proportional to satellitf square of the distances between them.

There will be east satellte west limits on the geostationary arc visible from any given earth ec satellite communication notes.


Sc Question Paper. What is an multiple access technique? Explain the classifications of system noise temperature. Apogee and Perigee Heights Although not specified as orbital elements, the apogee height and perigee height are often required, the length of the radius vectors at apogee and perigee can be obtained from the geometry of the ellipse: Three conditions are required for an orbit to be geostationary: You do not have the permission to view this presentation.


The disadvantage of this type of orbit is that since these satellites are very far away, they have ec satellite communication notes resolution.

Get Ec satellite communication notes engineerin ebook here: Take notes that describe what you are saving in the receiver. RAAN is sateolite number in the range 0 to degrees.

These are sarellite in the topocentric-horizon coordinate system The look angles for ground station antenna are the azimuth and elevation angles required so that it points directly at the satellite R. What is meant by feedback closed loop control? Write about CATV system.