As a financial journalist for several prominent papers, author, Garet Garrett ( ) knew Wall Street well and wrote a series of novels. The Driver [Garet Garrett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book published before This book may have. The Driver [Garet Garrett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What are the motives that really control Henry M. Gait, central figure in one of.

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Still, his mind was clear and he continued to build for the future.

The novel captures the essence of the progressive era of America that spanned the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Galt knew that after the reorganization he would be one of ten men in the boardroom and that “everything else follows from that. They were a rare breed, but there is much more to Garrett than people know. Industrialists, journalists and elected leaders who were also novelists, poets; artists — the last a calling card that served to legitimize, not invalidate their authority.

National Affairs: The Story of Harriman THE DRIVER-Garet Garrett- Dutton. – TIME

He had a tremendous work ethic as evidenced by his passionate expenditure of time and mental and physical effort in the unwavering pursuit of his dream of building a great railroad. The story of commerce is the story of civilization. What an inspirational book! The prose in this book really makes it stand out. By using this site, you agree dricer the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Garet Garrett, author of The People’s Pottagetells the story of an upstart Wall Street speculator financier, Henry Galt, a shadowy figure who stays out of the limelight as much as possible drivre he unleashes a plan that had been years in the marking: Of course, this is a novel, but it is based on real life events – the panic of that the author experienced first hand.

Return to Book Page. Galt was then asked by the Committee if he, as chairman of the finance committee of Security Life Insurance Company, recommended that securities of the Great Midwestern be purchased. Garet Garrett was born in in Illinois. The Driver yaret a prime example gafrett the literature of achievement.

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It channels competitive energies into service for drjver. Anyone with an interest in the Turn-of-the-Century will enjoy this novel, and of course those of us with an inclination toward economics will enjoy the historical aspects of the novel.

As he said, “it could go either way. I lift my gaze wistfully from the gutter — where the current debate takes place, nonsensical character arrows hurled back and forth over a pile of garbage — to contemplate dejectedly the past when the titans of American thought sat astride our purple mountains, rallying a nation to the orbit of their conviction and the consequence of their immense talent.

The barrett on the motive power of man; and the classical liberal ideas of responsibility, hard work, individuality and private property. Other than that excellent book, and worth reading for anyone trying to understand history.

He was contemptuous of politics. Economist, journalist, writer and novelist. A speculator turned tycoon named Henry M. Mark Twain called this period the “Gilded Age” — a period that was glittering on the surface but that was tarnished and corrupt underneath. Worth seeking out and reading. The narrator ends up working as a secretary for a railroad.

I gareh recommend this book to anyone. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It is a shame that it is not still in print.

The Driver

Garrett has a way of illustrating just what it takes to be a businessman of this sort, and how his mind alone becomes the source of a fantastic revenue stream. Atlas Shrugged was a little more complicated and weird, but in both the female has a very unorthodox view of garfett.

During this formative period, America’s agrarian society of farmers and small producers was transformed into an urban society in which the corporation became the dominant form of business organization.

He thereby exhibited how invaluable he was to the railroad. What drives commerce are passion and love, even to the point of fanaticism, but always directed to that one end of being more excellent in bringing to others what they need and desire.


Excellent book of the American Dream. During this period, industrialization and a wave of immigrants altered the fabric of American life which became increasingly urban, industrial, and specialized. Center for Libertarian Studies. Galt ultimately rebuilds the railroad from end to end. But his success breeds trouble. He’s a stock market speculator who seems remarkably prescient but who has a history of market failures.

Jun 06, Jason rated it really liked it. Through outstanding management sense, good pricing, excellent service, and overall business savvy, he out competes all the big names in the business, while making a fortune in the process. It was evident that Galt had confidence in his capacity to deal with the world through the implementation of appropriate and efficacious ideas and measures.

Unlike many other businessmen, Galt did not begin by asking how his company can be made to earn a certain rate of profit. Jul 22, Brent rated it liked it. Coxey, an American social reformer and populist leader from Massillon, Ohio, proposed a recovery program that included Congressional enactment of a large increase in the amount of legal tender in circulation that could be spent on public works thus providing jobs for the unemployed. The government conspires with envious competitors to regulate him using the Sherman Antitrust Act, calling him a monopolist and accusing him of exploiting the public.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Galt’s family gains some acceptance and Galt is able to take actions to reverse the decline in the price of the Great Midwestern’s stock. As a result, he and his family became rich.