Dimitrijevic, Colonel Dragutin, (a.k.a. Apis)() Chief of the Intelligence Department in the Serbian General Staff. Founding member and charismatic. A founder member and leader of the Serbian Black Hand secret society, Dragutin Dimitrijevic (), also known as ‘Apis’ (assigned to him as a youth on. Dragutin Dimitrijević known as Apis was a Serbian colonel. He was a leading member of a military group that organized the overthrow of the Serbian.

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Learn More in these related Britannica articles: I am impressed with amount of ignorance in this text and yours. Yale University Press, His calls for military reform and the lasting influence his role in had given him made Dimitrijevic appear to many as Serbia’s invisible war minister.

But they had been.

Apis (Dragutin T. Dimitrijevic)

InApis decided—evidently on his own—that assassinating incoming Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand would be a good idea. Remak sees Apis as the author of the successful plot to kill Archduke Francis Ferdinand.

Other loose threads in the story include the possible complicity of the Serbian royal family and the Serbian cabinet under Premier Nikola Pasic. Despite the gratitude owed to Dimitrijevic by the Karadjordjevic family – he was referred to as “the saviour of the fatherland” following the success – in King Peter’s regent, Alexanderdetermined to suppress the Black Hand movement, for no particular known reason.

Dragutin Dimitrijević

Three young Serbians from the province of Bosnia, annexed by Austria six years earlier, were recruited for the job. Maybe you’ll learn something Apis lit the fuse, sent Princip to kill the Grand Duke, got what he wanted and 20, died.


Career TeacherBelgrade Military Academy. He was also the leader of the Black Hand group responsible for the assassination of Franz Fer.

The plan was finally carried out in June Black Hand did not care for the Serbian prime ministerNikola Pasic. Take care and do not judge to any nation not knowing their history and legacy. On the other hand, Apis seemed to be intelligent man, so why he ignorred the risk, that the assassination might lead to war which might devastate Serbia?

However it has been speculated that the Prince Regent and Prime Minister Pasic were considering negotiating a separate peace with Austria-Hungary and were fearful of Black Hand reprisals.

Olga and Alexei Romanov leaving Tobolsk for Yekaterinberg on the Rus And the saddest thing of all, they knew what awaited them: This entry was posted in Uncategorized. Colonel Dimitrijevic has done not much more but to light one of many fuses that were already litten across the Europe, from Britain to Germany, from France to Austria.

In Apis organized the Black Hand. Dimirijevic also, Apis’ coup inwhile not necessarily peaceful, was a necessity in undermining the authoritarian Oblevic dynasty.

The powerful colonel was removed as chief of intelligence; he served out his remaining period on active duty in the field, as a senior staff officer. The Supreme Central Directorate shall maintain its relations with the Provincial Directorates through the accredited delegates of the said provincial organizations, it being understood that such delegates shall be at the same time members of the Supreme Central Directorate; in exceptional cases, however, these relations shall be maintained through special delegates.

This file contains additional information such as Exif metadata which may have been added by the digital camera, scanner, or software program used to create or digitize it. Petersburg, surfaces in some accounts.


The Austrians, not the Serbians, began the war. On entering into the organization, every member must know that by joining the organization he loses his own personality; he must not expect any glory for himself, nor any personal benefit, material or moral.

Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Please try again later. I told Elizabeth and she said to me that our most valuable possessions are worthless if we hold on to them, but become priceless when we give them or share them with others. Without him there would never have been a Stalin or a Hitler. View my complete profile. Serbia wanted what they wanted, War which they used to get territory for a Greater Serbia.

Analogically, the other Directorates shall do likewise with their own departments. In order that he may devote himself entirely to the work of the organization, the Secretary’s salary and expenses shall be provided by the Supreme Central Directorate.

Captain Dragutin-Dimitrijevic Apis Stock Photo: – Alamy

He hit the archduke with one, and the archduke’s wife with the other. Its duty will be to see that the resolutions dimitrijeviv carried into effect. The intransigence of Emperor Franz Josef in this matter raised tensions across the Balkans.

Apis, the founder, was convicted of conspiring to murder the Serbian head of state, Prince Regent Alexander, and executed on June 26,