Ivan Van Sertima’s pioneering work in linguistics and anthropology has appeared in numerous scholarly journals. Professor Van Sertima teaches Afro-American. Best Condition. New. $ Add to Cart. They Came Before Columbus: The African Presence in Ancient America. Ivan Van Sertima. from: $ Clarke Peters on an anthropological study written in by Dr Ivan van Sertima.

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Log in for full access to stabroeknews. You can also post comments, and manage your email subscription. You don’t have an account? This evening at 5: Ivan Van Sertima, one of the most outstanding Guyanese of all time. After a discussion on the documentary, the new book by Dr. Runoko Rashidi, Uncovering the African Past: Van Sertima was the founder and editor of The Journal of African Civilizations, which published several major anthologies that helped change the way African history and culture is taught and studied.

Thus, he informed us via www. These anthologies include Blacks in Science: Ancient and Modern, and the Golden Age of the Moor.

Thus, Blacks in Science: Ancient and Modern showed that Africa had an impressive scientific tradition in certain aertima and historical periods with a particular focus on African American inventions, especially in the fields of telecommunications, space, and nuclear science; African Presence in Early Europe places into perspective the role of the African in world civilization, in particular the little-known contributions to the advancement of Europe with a major essay on the evolution of the Caucasoid and discusses scientific discoveries of the African origins of vr and the shift towards albinism dropping of pigmentation by the Grimaldi African during an ice age in Europe.


Second, the debt owed to African and Arab Moors for certain inventions, usually credited to the Renaissance, is discussed, as well as the much earlier Egyptian influence on Greek science and philosophy; African Presence in Early Asiaco-edited with Runoko Rashidi and divided into five sections. It is hoped by the organizers that the event planned for this evening is the beginning of a more serious attempt to bring African Studies into focus at the University of Guyana.

Below is the text of a tribute to Dr. Van Sertima from Dr. Runoko Rashidi historian and public lecturer based in California and Paris:. My only regret is that I am not here with you—in this country that has produced so many remarkable people—to deliver these remarks in person.

Nevertheless, I salute the organizers of this wonderful programme and wish you all the best. To me, Ivan Van Sertima was more than eertima great scholar. He was a colleague, a mentor and a friend.

Tribute to Dr. Ivan Van Sertima-Great man and scholar: A celebration at the University of Guyana

Indeed, during this turbulent and exciting period, he was in the vanguard of those scholars fighting to place African history in a new light. The cornerstone of Dr.

The African Presence in Ancient America. On July 7, Dr. In November he defended his thesis in an address to the Smithsonian Institute.


Ivan Van Sertima – Wikipedia

In this arena Ivan Van Sertima emerged as an undefeated champion. As his most prolific student it is a work that I am most proud of. It covers the major arenas of his scholarly life and looks at the immense contributions that African people have given to the world.

A people should never forget their history.

Similar authors to follow

They should never forget their great men and women. They should never forget their great scholars.

This effort is an attempt to prevent the memory of one such man, one of our greatest scholars—Ivan Van Sertima—from fading into the oblivion of the night. To Ivan Sergima Sertima we say, well done. Your work will never be forgotten. We salute and honour you.

Dr. Ivan Van Sertima

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